Josh Kovensky, Hero Reporter

It is not possible to overstate how fortunate we are to have the informed reporting of Josh Kovensky right here on Prime at our fingertips. Josh K has been consistently shining the light on important context that most people who aren’t specifically observers of Ukraine in recent years (me included) don’t have. He has been immersed in this stuff for – I don’t know, some significant amount of time.

He’s not only informed but also, more importantly, a great analyst. I hope everyone will read Josh K’s great post from yesterday especially if you are having any challenge keeping straight which Ukrainian government is which, the old super-corrupt one or the new Zelensky one that was elected to sweep out the corruption. Or if it is hard to keep straight which of the several Ukrainian prosecutors in recent years are part of the super-corrupt old government, or what order did anything in the world happen this spring and summer, much less relate it to what is happening these last days.

I for one hope something like it will go up on the main site soon. The light it shines is sorely needed.

I don’t know how long Josh K lived in Kiev, or how he got to the Kyiv Post (that’s an English-language paper aimed at expats, I don’t know more about it), whether he grew up in a Ukrainian family, or why he was in Ukraine then and he’s here now, etc etc. I would love for him to fill us in a little, maybe on the podcast, but he must be tired of talking about all that. Plus Josh K’s work stands for itself.

As an aside, unless he was born in Ukraine, social gatherings are probably hell – “Oh you were in Ukraine! Wow, do you speak the language? It must be very hard! I took French in high school, I can barely speak it. My aunt went on a cruise that stopped in St. Petersburg! She said it was beautiful and the Russian people are very nice, really just like us, you know people are people everywhere. How did you get interested in that! is your family from there?”


“My dad has 100 medallions in Milwaukee. He’s willing to unload them at a discount. You’re Ukrainian—I guess you have connections, right?”


It’s a great piece, and paints Fruman and Parnas as bringing the same sort of high-speed bumbling Austin Powersy approach to both oligarchs and heads-of-state we’ve come to expect from the Trumpies.

I see how they’d seem appealing to a Rudy Giuliani type of guy.