Jan. 6 Panel Unveils Election Guardrails To Prevent Future MAGA Election Steal

The House Jan. 6 Committee on Sunday outlined its proposed reforms to the Electoral Count Act (ECA) to stop ex-President Donald Trump or anyone else from trying to overturn an election.

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As they should. I assure that GOP will not willingly give the vote to the people. What would they do with Billy-Bob?


Fascists do not acknowledge the existence of guard rails of any kind.


My concern is state legislators taking it on themselves to determine who the states electors are independently of the popular vote. If I remember correctly Az has already laid the groundwork for this. In a case like this I would want someone to be able to say no to them.


It’s sure going to be interesting who votes against this (as if we can’t already predict it).

I think it’s fair to say, “If elections were conducted on level playing fields Rethugliklans would never get elected to anything again.”


“We look forward to working with our colleagues in the House and the Senate toward this goal.”

So when’s the vote?


Thanks Manchinema


It is unfortunate that this rational response to an ongoing attack on our democracy will almost certainly be favored by only a very slender majority in the Congress.


A reform that solidifies the vice president’s role in counting states’ electoral votes as purely ministerial, not one that has the power to hijack the process — which Trump, of course, tried to pressure then-Vice President Mike Pence to do.

Rather than trying to endear himself to MAGA, I’d have thought that Mikey would be grateful not to be bankrupting himself and enriching a stable of defense attorneys.
Apparently, I don’t really understand how these things work.


Federal law already required that electors be chosen prior to the election.


I guess I wasn’t clear. It seems that Az has set law(s) in place that allow the legislature to determine which slate of electors is sent to vote in the electoral collage. Am I missreading there law? Are other states setting up similar things?
There is a tendency to fight the last war rather than the war that is current. Repugs have been very good at changing tactics in the presidential races.


Unless the AZ GOP creates an alternate slate of electors before the election takes place–-which would be tantamount to admitting that they’re going to lose and therefore cheat—there is no way that their ridiculous new “law” would have any effect.


I love the smell of substantive congressional progress in the morning.

Performative bullshit may satisfy MAGAts but small-d democrats require a heartier, healthier meal now and then; less corruption, more filling.


No. There’s always (at least) two slates of electors created- one for each candidate. The election decides which slate is selected. Some state legislatures, like AZ, are trying to change their state law so that they could vote to not accept the results of their own state’s election and send the other slate of electors instead.

Would there be tremendous blowback from the electorate if they actually tried it? Yes. Enough to overwhelm the gerrymandering that secures their dominance of the state house…not as confident of that as I’d like to be. Would the courts actually sanction such a naked power grab? Several SCOTUS justices have argued that as long as the state leg plans ahead and gives themselves the power to overturn the election before the election in question it’s totes legit.

I think it’s worth being concerned. We need to hold the house and get a real working majority in the senate so we can pass HR1 and the John Lewis voting rights act and finally set some national standards for election administration and redistricting


RIGHT NOW, we need regulations that prevent anti-patriots from effing up the process before elections.
Create a federal law that prevents this kind of disruption prior to an election.
Any and all complaints and requests posted within 90 days of a two-year election should expect to wait until afterwards to be fulfilled.
If the law won’t do it, the staff should just make it a pocket rule they use personally.
They have all stalled deliberately for lesser reasons, no doubt.
But it would be better as a federal statute with felony charges for anyone who conspires to deliberately distress the voting process.
Misdemeanors aren’t enough and anyone who thinks this isn’t profoundly disruptive needs their heads examined, or their brains re-washed.
This kind of mob disruption of the legal process nibbles away at the edges of democracy in ways we don’t see because they are so subtle. But the damage could be so substantial, finding anyone willing to work for the electoral process at any level will become cripplingly difficult for democracy.


Right in my own god-damn county there are people suing to stop the use of round-the-clock drop boxes. They’re shadow-boxing with imaginary voter fraud. Absolutely enraging.


So, this law itself breaks the law.
Sort of.
Sounds like the pre-civil war deep south protecting slavery and the post civil war deep south enabling Jim Crow. They made outrageous laws that openly defied any federal regulation of their malice.
And we currently have a Supreme Court that sees States Rights much like those ante-bellum lawmakers did.
Different era, same issue. Tyranny of the most prejudiced minority.


Do they realize their round-the-clock surveillance only proves they are wrong? Problem is, no matter what our eyes see, they have so many outrageous suspicions nowadays, reality can’t prove itself with a hammerblow. Some of these goofs lie to themselves over what we all see clearly, they are so predisposed to posing doubt no matter how obvious facts might be. It is a hallmark of cult behavior, just believe whatever lie works for the moment because evident reality isn’t working for them.


Personally, I think they are being too modest in their proposal. It seems akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. How would these rules work if all the red states elect election denying Secretaries of State?

Wish that fit on a bumpersticker. Says it all.