Jack Smith Kept On Truckin’ Even After The MAL Indictment

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Deep within the twisted corridors of power, a nightmarish conspiracy unfolds, shrouded in deceit and manipulation. The two-tiered justice system is but a facade, concealing the sinister alliance between Demonrats and the Deep State, a malevolent cabal of interdimensional beings, Wizards, and mutated C.H.U.Ds.

Unleashing their wicked plan, they conspire to persecute Republicans, while Demonrats are handled with sinister kid gloves. Trump, the warrior of truth, finds himself targeted by the compromised Special Counsel Jack Smith, who bends reality with phony indictments and mentally declassified documents, all part of the deep-seated plot to ensnare the former president.

In the shadows, Crooked Joe Biden, a puppet of the interdimensional beings, orchestrates a Weaponized DOJ, hell-bent on destroying Trump’s loyal allies. “They are being persecuted with one goal, to ‘Get Trump,’” the indomitable leader proclaims, his voice echoing through the multiverse. “This is textbook Third World intimidation by rabid, lawless prosecutors and wizards or . We will not let Radical Lunatics destroy our Country!”

But beneath the surface of earthly politics, a more sinister truth emerges. The Deep State’s Faustian bargain with shape-shifting aliens, capable of traversing dimensions, fuels their thirst for Ultimate Control. These cosmic entities have unleashed their minions, the mutated C.H.U.Ds, who prey on patriot Trump supporters underground lairs, the price they pay for the dark pact.

As the twisted saga unfolds, Democrats’ true intentions are laid bare—they do not seek MAGA, but the reign of chaos and domination over every parallel realm. In the heart of the conspiracy, a legendary quote attributed to Trump rings true: “I shall lead America against the malevolent forces, wielding the power of truth to pierce the veils of darkness and protect our nation from the cosmic onslaught!”

Prepare yourself for an odyssey into the surreal, where politics collide with interdimensional malevolence. The fate of America hangs in the balance as Trump faces the most extraordinary battle of his life. Will he conquer the nefarious alliance of Demonrats, interdimensional beings, and C.H.U.Ds? Or will the dark forces triumph, plunging our world into the abyss of chaos and despair? Only time will unveil the astonishing finale of this cosmic conspiracy.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


‘I can’t believe we’re having this conversation’: the states pushing for 14-year-olds to serve alcohol (msn.com)

n the small town of Freedom, Wisconsin, Buzz’s Pub and Grill – a local sports bar whose logo features frothing beer mugs in the colors of the American flag – has been short-staffed since the pandemic. Jeff Baker, the owner, says he “could use one more bartender, and probably two more cooks”. He hasn’t found takers in over a year of running “help wanted” ads, so he’s made do by working extra shifts in the kitchen and paring back the menu.

Baker could soon get more job applicants thanks to a new proposal that would lower Wisconsin’s minimum age for alcohol service to just 14 years old. It would “absolutely” be a welcome change if children applied, he says. “Not as many kids work as much as they used to. Back in our day, more kids were needed**, and more parents made their kids work.”**

Wisconsin is just one of a growing number of states where predominantly Republican lawmakers are making quiet moves to roll back the alcohol service age, so that kids who can’t legally buy alcohol – or in Wisconsin’s case, even drive a car – would be allowed to serve hard drinks to customers at bars and restaurants. In addition to alleviating the labor shortage, lawmakers behind the bills argue letting kids serve alcohol would give them valuable work experience.



Jack Smith has a mind like a bear trap. He is skilled in the law. He is incredibly intelligent. He doesn’t shrink from his responsibilities. He is strategic. He is thoughtful. He works with quiet stealth. He works the long game. In short, he is everything Donnie is NOT.


‘TMF: I’m being indicted for you’

You’re going to jail too. And I don’t care ‘who for’.


What the hell is he doing on Fox News
Netanyahu Denounces International Criticism of Judicial Coup: ‘Everybody Has an Opinion on Israel’ - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Besides lying his ass off I mean

“I’ve been elected again and again, six times, democratically, and it’s a total of 16 years and in all these 16 years I’ve never commented about the internal debates in other democracies. I’ve just chosen not to do that,” the prime minister said in an interview on Life, Liberty & Levin.


Re this–

  • WaPo: Republican presidential hopefuls blast DeSantis over slavery standards
  • Politico: DeSantis rocked by Black Republican revolt over slavery comments

–it was striking to see comments on X over the weekend from defenders of DeSantis aimed at black Republicans, the comments not defending (and certainly not apologizing for) the standards but instead saying that those critics are only saying these things because they’re Trump supporters.

The Party of Lincoln, now the soft-sellers of chattel slavery on behalf of partisan politics.


He seems like a right jolly sort of chap!

Seems Like A Nice Guy

Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-WI) allegedly screamed and cursed at a group of Senate pages in the Capitol rotunda Wednesday night.


Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-WI)
Former Navy Seal. WTF is it with these guys?


Liar. You’ve continually intervened for Republicans in US politics.


Are you sure that cat isn’t also a stripper?

Cat has more singles than Kraft.


O/T Josh Kovensky had this knockout podcast with a Russian journalist TPMers who may have missed it need to know about. Very persuasive picture of Putin’s progression into grandeur and paranoia.


And I want a pony!!!
‘I want all of this to go away’: Nikki Haley still wants to pardon Trump despite obstruction charge - Raw Story - Celebrating 19 Years of Independent Journalism


And yet so many of our workers will cheerfully vote for the GOP.

At present, no federal law protects workers specifically from extreme heat. Farm workers and advocacy groups are also pushing to include heat protections for farm workers in the 2023 farm bill currently being considered by Congress. But with Republicans in control of Congress, such a measure is unlikely to pass.

In September 2021, the Biden administration announced the launch of a rule-making effort at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Osha) to develop heat exposure standards to protect outdoor and indoor workers.

The powerful American Farm Bureau Federation has objected to the proposal. “Considering the variances in agricultural work and climate, AFBF questions whether the department can develop additional heat illness regulations without imposing new, onerous burdens on farmers and ranchers that will lead to economic losses,” it said in its comments on the rule.

The group has a long history of denying science around the climate crisis and has teamed up with fossil fuel interests in fights over climate policies.

The Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) said while it “appreciates Osha’s rule-making in this area”, its members have “significant concerns with any regulatory approach that imposes complicated requirements on contractors and requirements that are triggered by threshold temperatures that are common in wide swaths of the country for much of the year”.

The National Demolition Association, a construction business group, said in its opposition “issues of heat exposure and the means to address it on the variety of construction worksites across the country are extremely complex”. The proposed rule “essentially dictates how and what should be included in an Osha standard for heat exposure, [and] does not account for the complexities of the issue”.

National Demolition Association? How apropos.



This great article about a new housing development in Phoenix that has no parking for its residents.

With no need for parking garages, Culdesac breaks its housing into three-story, white stucco walk-ups arranged around interior courtyards with narrow passages between them. There are fewer bedrooms than in the earlier DMB design, but more green space. (Eliminating garages also saves about $20,000 per space in construction costs.) The buildings are set at odd angles to create distinctive crannies and views — a design that Dan Parolek, founding principal at Opticos Design, the master planner on the project, calls “Mykonos desert modern.”

“When you take parking out of the equation, you’re able to design for people first,” says Anders Engnell, Culdesac’s director of planning and construction, during a tour of the site in May. A lanky and boisterous 27-year-old with a scruffy beard, Engnell leads the way through a nearly finished “pod” of nine buildings scheduled to open in the fall. The Greek inspiration, he explains, is about more than aesthetics. The white stucco reflects heat, while the courtyards and narrow pathways provide shade and help tunnel breezes. (There’s not a single drop of heat-trapping asphalt at Culdesac. Even the guest parking lot is mostly brick.)

“We expect the pods to create a bit of a microclimate,” says Engnell. To demonstrate, he leaves me standing in the sun as he talks. It’s a relatively mild morning, with temperatures headed to the high 90s, but still warm enough to get me sweating under my safety helmet. “The temperature drop is meaningful,” Engnell says when he invites me into the shade. “You actually feel a little bit of a breeze here even on what is a pretty calm Phoenix day.” (I did indeed feel one.)



Frank Luntz confronts MAGAT caller on CSPAN

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