Is anyone else still getting ads?

I signed up for prime in part because I didn't want the ads any more. But on the front page, there's still one under the Slice ad (one was in favor of Keystone XL, FFS). And on individual articles I still get "From around the web" advertisements of shitty content. Is this happening for anyone else?

Right now on the iPad I'm seeing a Best Buy ad box right underneath the Walmart story. On the front page.

I get ads when using my IPad, but not on my PC. I must say how it really changes the user experience when you go from one to the other.

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My favorite headline from one of those was something along the lines of.

The 10 Ugliest Members of the Royal Family.


I am still getting the broken flash content.

I use Google chrome on Windows and Mac. This site crashes the worlds most popular browser on both the main platforms repeatedly.

...or 10 worst celebrity botched plastic surgeries

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8 celebrities who smoke that will surprise you.

Sometimes I do. The first couple of times I thought it was because I wasn't signed in, so I had to double check. Are we supposed to see some ads as Prime members?

@TPMJoe @Josh_M

I'm not sure, but I think that the ad count for Prime members is greatly reduced, but not completely eliminated.


I hate to say it but I did click on that my GOD I hope some of them sued for malpractice

Yes. There are at least 2 ads on every page, a lot more than that on some.

A related question - does TPM get any revenue from the ads ? Does the revenue increase (to TPM) by my clicking on it ?

I got this one today - I imagine targeting me for the inverse of my browsing history (as someone who needs convincing), not a TPM choice, but I can't even say I know that for sure. I can ignore it, but if it generates extra revenue for TPM, I'll click on it just to deprive the advertiser of the cash and send it to TPM - just desserts. But I'd also enjoy taking a bite out of the advertisers budget just for the sake of making them pay a few cents to not convince me of anything...

Anyone aware of the details ?

Don't know who they have serving adds but typically the publisher and advertiser chose whether they want to do cost-per-click or cost-per-impression. Can't hurt to click it and cost them some marginal bandwidth and possibly money.

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