Is anyone else seeing 10-15 sec lags before the site comes up?

No matter which device, browser or access point I use, there is a very long delay (that no other site has for me) between my clicking on the bookmark and the site finally coming up. I can see a whole bunch of sites flying by as they are being set up first and, if the problem is general, wonder if some of that could perhaps be delayed a bit. Or some other solution...

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I've seen it since yesterday, comes and goes, with occasional timeouts. Right now it's perfectly fine, 15 minutes ago it was very laggy.

Yep. Seeing it for the last week or so.

Yes. Comes and goes...

all the time....

Bah--rutal today.

Is it the sinking ship of the AHCA?

Frustrating but you get used to it - lots of good features whennnnnnn you get access...!
Investment required?

Mercer willing to invest?

Its been that way for quite some time on the main sight. It is especially bad today. They need to fix this because it is going to lower their page rank on google (they measure latency as part of their algorithm)