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“January 6th was nothing short of a satirical way to overthrow a government,” said the letter, written by hand on yellow lined paper. “If overthrow was the quest, it would have no doubt been overthrown.”

This guy’s lawyer right now:


I think you can really see the fine hand of all these R officials who have been whitewashing the insurrection having an affect on the perps.

In the first days after the insurrection, most Rs were reviling what happened and the earliest-named insurrectionists were wailing for forgiveness and about their horrible lapse in judgement and how they see how very wrong they were and wondering if their families and communities would ever accept them again, etc.

But the more time passes, they keep sensing how the wind is blowing and most of it has turned to dangerous defensiveness and MAGAt world and Red Rubes everywhere have gone to lengths to try to scrub the stain. But it is the party officials who had every chance to make a stand about this, and wrest control back from the rubes. Just cowardice piled on top of cowardice. It wouldn’t have hurt any of them to take a principled stand on this one. They could’ve happily continued fundraising and destroying civil/voting rights AND looked like they were on the right side of history about 1/6. But they are just too cowardly.


“These are normal musings of a harmless tourist. Can we just move on?”

–GOP Elected Officials


It sounds like he was crazy for years before this with the usual gummint-hating stuff, just got radicalized to the point of action by a year of pandemic. (Another thing to blame the former administration for.)


“We watch the people of other countries rise up against authoritarianism and think, how sad they must be to want freedom and liberty so much,” the letter said.

Dear idiot:

In the countries you are referencing people go to jail for speech, for saying “the leader of our nation looks ugly”, or “I think our policies are wrong”, that’s tyranny.

Tyranny is NOT when a majority of the people elect someone you don’t like, or when the government offers health care, or bans dangerous food additives or littering.

I suppose I can understand why you might think being forced to wear a mask is “tyranny” but a government is supposed to look out for its citizens, and wearing a mask is no more intrusive than wearing clothes or rationing during times of war. It is literally the least you can do to protect your fellow citizens.


I’m sure Officer Sicknick’s family appreciates the satirical way you murdered him.

(ETA: “You cop-killing traitor!”)


Reffitt now resides in a cell he has dubbed “the Garfield suite,” named after the 20th U.S. president, James A. Garfield.


Well, it’s a belief system, crafted over the decades and self-reinforcing, and we’re wrong if we think there’s any evidence that will pierce the delusion and make it go poof. It gives their lives meaning. They’d rather go to jail than give it up.


“If overthrow was the quest, it would have no doubt been overthrown.”

Hey Reffitt did you ever think that

  1. you weren’t up to it?
  2. you were a member of the wrong group? Oath Keepers trained you asshole.

And WTF were you using for $$$? Were you living off your wife? Our tax dollars? What jobs were too beneath you to consider?


So I wonder whether he thinks that military bases are his property to walk on as well?


They can write? I’m impressed.


I can live with that, as long as we’ve got jail space available.


I agree, we just watched 5 years of heinous crimes and abuses and shocking breakage to our government that would have turned the stomach’s of these same people in their earlier lives or generations. And NOTHING moved the needle for them now. Nothing. So as you say, evidence is ineffective.

But having the FBI show up, and handcuffs really made them take notice and many wet themselves…and there are hundreds of them who are going to lose a lot of money/jobs/friends over it. But these same millions of Rubes watched 100s of thousands die from COVID without getting perturbed…the few 100 paying the price for the insurrection isn’t going to make them sweat. It will be dark comedy, but it will be interesting to see jailed insurrectionists trying to make comebacks after bankruptcies, etc…trying to get on Alex Jones or craft a new life (grift/scam) off their notoriety.


“We watch the people of other countries rise up against authoritarianism and think, how sad they must be to want freedom and liberty so much,”


Not exactly the letter from the
Birmingham jail. Or Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

I think the proper prophylaxis is maximum terms for every single one of them


This asshole’s lawyers must be downing Maalox by the truckload.


“and boasted that those attacking the building could have overthrown the government if they had wanted.”

Let’s see how these maroons feel after 20 years in a federal prison.


Yes, and how sad you will be when you find out you don’t get to watch unlimited FoxNews, OAN, and NewsMax in prison.


Please continue, “1/6ers” (as in 16% of normal intelligence?) until you are known as 15-20ers.