In A Second Trump Term, The Rule Of Law Will Be The Enemy

Sen. John Fetterman Trolls An Old Foe With Not-So-Sweet Halloween Treat (

Senator John Fetterman


Wild and crazy evening in with… crudités 😒


Well look who decided to show up for Halloween!



I am not disagreeing with you and sure you already are aware…
That is already 95% true…IOKIYAR


They certainly don’t apply to Trump.


Wisconsin’s Democratic governor sues Republican Legislature over blocking ‘basic functions’ | News |

Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Tony Evers on Tuesday sued the Republican-controlled Legislature, arguing that it is obstructing basic government functions, including signing off on pay raises for university employees that were previously approved.

Evers is asking the liberal-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court to take the case directly, bypassing lower courts.

In addition to not approving the pay raises for about 35,000 University of Wisconsin employees, Evers argues that the Legislature is blocking state conservation programs, updates to the state’s commercial building standards and ethics standards for licensed professionals.

The Legislature included a 6% pay raise for UW employees over two years in the state budget it passed earlier this year that Evers signed. But pay raises also must then be approved by a committee of legislative leaders. That panel on Oct. 17 approved pay raises for state workers, but not UW employees because Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos opposes spending at the university for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and positions.

Evers argues in the lawsuit that the Legislature is breaking the state constitution and separation of powers by creating “legislative vetoes” through which committees controlled by a few Republican lawmakers can block actions of the executive branch.


“Republican legislators are unconstitutionally obstructing basic functions of government—actions that have not only aimed to prevent state government from efficiently and effectively serving the people of our state but are now actively harming tens of thousands of Wisconsinites every day across our state,” Evers said in a statement.


Six years in prime time had reshaped Carlson, darkened his heart, driven him to the edge.

I think that is BS. The story makes a point of the strife Carlson caused within Fox, and that he’d been fired from CNN and MSNBC. The adulation he received for 6 years might have emboldened him, but the darkness was always there in his heart. I recall a story he enjoyed telling of “beating the sh*t” out of a gay man who tried to pick him up in a bathroom*. That twisted heart was always there.

I’d like to believe that it was the rightwing waking up to the dictator they had created and trying to exercise some control, but I think he just annoyed the wrong person once too often.

* I understand that was a thing in the 1970’s, and apparently in some airport bathrooms until the 2000’s, but what were you doing that attracted that attention? I thought the point was discretion in those circumstances.


They look like they are plotting their escape.


No idea what you’re talking about…



ThroWBACK Wednesday! When Puppy stiLL had his COne On, HE was HElping out WIth Super Marios Bros.



Don’t forget these lawyers will be all-white, Christian fanatics for whom the ends will justify the means. Every single fucking thing these fascists have been itching to do, they will do. And who’s going to stop them? A Congress they will simply ignore? Liberal judges who may well end up shot in the back of the head as they walk down the street? And why stop there? Why give power back to Democrats who will want to prosecute crimes? Better to stay in power permanently. Imagine the worst folks, and imagine it’s not going to end with Fat Boy. Read what the piece says - preparing for the NEXT “conservative” administration. So Biden wins in 2024. Big fucking deal. We get a 4-year stay of execution. But unless we get fucking serious about dismantling the tyranny of the minority today, NOW, we could well end our lives with Stephen Miller as Minister of Truth. I am absolutely not kidding. In North America in the 17th century, many black people were born free and as laws and prejudices slowly turned, ended their lives in slavery. It happens THAT fast. If we don’t smash what they’re building now, we won’t be able to even complain about it once they’re done.


$8/lb for Dragon Fruit?


The only thing that sort of keeps me sane is that Republicans are, well most Republicans, want power. So if Trump gains a second term he’s not leaving at the end of that term. So on one hand within in the GOP they love Trump and want him to president again, but do they want him as President for Life? If Trump is il Duce then how can they fulfill their own dreams of power?


I presume you mean he’ll formalize that in his new Unicornstitution.


Not to mention any chance to mitigate global warming. A second trump term would classify as an extinction level event for the planet.


Mitch McConnell warns GOP senators they’ll face ‘incoming’ if they back Hawley bill to limit corporate giving in campaigns (
(CNN) - Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell bluntly warned Republican senators in a private meeting not to sign on to a bill from Sen. Josh Hawley aimed at limiting corporate money bankrolling high-powered outside groups, telling them that many of them won their seats thanks to the powerful super PAC the Kentucky Republican has long controlled.


[quote=“steviedee111, post:25, topic:243395, full:true”]

Absolutely what he thinks otta be the case. I have this feeling though that he may be getting measured for federal accommodations. You said a while back he’s gonna walk on everything. I’m gonna hold ya to that. Politely of course.
I think he’s headed for a cell or a gurney (he may not be able to handle incarceration).


"No one does evil more cheerfully than when they do it from religious conviction."
– Blaise Paschal


If Moscow Mitch had his way the Congress would relocate to a place where they really belong–The Cherry Patch Ranch in Nevada.

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