‘I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Be Free Of This President And His Maniacal Rage,’ McCabe Says | Talking Points Memo

I want to see his financial stuff (taxes) made public showing him to be the thousandaire that he 8s.

I want to see him humiliated and ridiculed and abandoned by even his Koolaid drinkers for being the fraud he is.


Yelling into the void in his soundproof, plexiglass container during his many trials. Oh please, oh please.


Lordy that man can make some disgusting faces. That and lying are his talents.


I think tRump has always had crap hanging over him considering how sleazy he is. The only reason he behaving like a spoiled toddler is that he doesn’t control everything like he no doubt did with his company. Plus, he probably had to deal with lawsuits his entire life.


Sending any American citizen to prison in Siberia can only be done by someone with a special pipeline to Putin.

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‘I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Be Free Of This President And His Maniacal Rage,’ ~ McCabe

He’s not likely to live very long and you are still young. His death day will be celebrated around the world for years to come.


No private citizen in the United States of America should ever have cause to worry about the wrath of the President. The powers of the Executive Branch should never, ever be wielded as tools of an Executive vendetta.

This is the sort of thing that is done in a banana republic, not a democracy. But this is where we are now, thanks to the Banana Republican Party, which (with the lone exception of Mitt Romney, who has been vilified on that account) has stood behind Trump to the last Congressperson.


Andy McCabe, began his FBI career as a field agent in New York, trying to protect his country against first Italian, and then Russian-aligned mobsters. He ended it the same way. I salute him.


Add his children, sister, and anyone else complicit in Trump Inc. to the list, please.


I think it was the reporting thereof, and the disparity btw that coverage and that of Individual-1. To wit—the much esteemed Maggie NYT wrote over 100 X’s about ‘her emails’ and/or Benghazi, in covering Clinton. She wrote—as did her paper, in the same crucial 2015-2016 time period—guess how many times of tRUmp’s long-standing, notorious, and well-documented (but not well known outside of NY) ties to organized crime—well that would be zero. Zilch. Nada. They don’t get off scot-free here.


One of dear hubby’s best friends works for a major corporation here in the Twin Cities area (think lots of M’s). He is about two years from full pension retirement. He’s been notified that he has no job in thirty days. The shareholders are mad about the precipitous drop in stock price, so the answer is to lay off 900 worldwide (after laying off 1500 worldwide last year).

While this has happened before, those that were affected were permitted to post for job openings in other divisions. This time, they cannot. They have to be gone. Out of the organization. No more.

Friend will get HALF his pension as a result, because he didn’t make it to retirement. The nightmare he is reporting from inside is just startling.

For the record, hubby and I both worked there - in fact, it’s where I met him. Hubby was there for 18 years and saw this coming. We were just hoping his friend would make it to retirement.

Point here with McCabe - this retirement nonsense is crippling. Looks like under Trump, the public sector is becoming like the private sector - let 'em go before having to pay out what the worker has earned over 25 years or whatever.


Hopefully McCabe will tell all his agency buddies: “Still voting Republican?”

But I’m also sure that Lisa Murkowski was put off by his tone, so he deserves what he gets.


They’re not going to impact their bread and butter by suddenly finding some ethics or love of country. They don’t want to lose access so they’re just gonna keep doing what they’re doing. It’s all about the money. That’s why we have this guy - he should’ve been shut down years ago, but he makes the media money, so here we are.


You could start doing that now with a mass protest. A strike of some kind. Except, that’s not the American way anymore.

There’s a scene in “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” wherein the hero goes to visit an old Black Power radical, still living the 60s. Hero makes a pitch to clean up the neighborhood, eliciting an excited “YES!” from the old radical with each step. When the hero last says, “And I need your help”, the old man quickly hedges and says, “Well…” before sitting back down.

That’s America.

your problem is minor compared to what is coming for Lindsey suck up Graham.


Precisely correct.

Comey’s entire career is about CYA. He has no doubt he did everything correctly in covering his ass on every move.

I mean, on this issue of reopening the investigation into HRC, he didn’t release the memo. He simply gave it to people he knew would release the memo. But HE didn’t release the memo. CYA

That’s pretty much the perfect example of how Comey always conducted himself.


‘I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Be Free Of This President And His Maniacal Rage,’ McCabe Says | Talking Points Memo

Fortunately, Mr. McCabe, you are quite likely to outlive Dump, so there’s that ray of hope.


Saint Helena is lovely this time of year.

I have maintained, with not much proof but some good anecdotal evidence that those who stand up and loudly challenge Chump do better than those who try to keep their head down. Chump needs to be challenged, and needs to be forced to answer, and needs his narratives countered. Standing up, being visible, getting out your talking points, playing the media game is how you check Chump. Not saying you will WIN, but you can have some good fun, land some punches, and feel like you are keeping your case for justice in the public eye. Otherwise Chump will just keep kicking you. He will never, ever, give up and be the bigger man or move on to more important issues.

I have asked before, has Chump ever mentioned Lev Parnas? Lev IS guilty and he is serving himself well by going on the offensive…because unlike McCabe, Chump and Barr had Epstein-like plans for him.


From comments at Wapo about the McCabe case:

Let’s face facts:

If the President has no oversight from Congress and can use the Justice Department to protect his cronies and pursue his enemies, then we live in a dictatorship.