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It received little attention, but back in March 2023, Donald Trump had a promise to make about what he would do with the military in a potential second term.

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The Trump hysteria continues to expose an uncomfortably large number of naive vulnerabilites in our Constitution, not to mention our exercise of government. Methinks we learn from this shitstorm or else.


Certainly sounds like if the abomination wins another term scotus will be dealing with multiple attempts by the dictator to rewrite the constitution in his fascist image. Best they step on his head now, and find quite clearly that he has no right to unlimited immunity as a president, past president, presidential candidate, or fascist divinity.


So one thing I wonder about these and other stories of the coming dictatorship: to what extent is this Trump’s doing, and to what extent is Trump himself simply a sociopathic performer whom people are building a dictatorship around? I guess what I mean is: what do we mean when we say “Trump is laying plans for a coopted military?” Are we saying that we think that Donald Trump is making these plans, perhaps staying up late delivering lectures on them to his cronies at his Bedford golf club over dinner, before slipping them to do lists? Or is this a matter of subordinates and activists developing plans around him? To be clear, I’m sure Donald Trump lusts for power and doesn’t care at all about democracy. I’m not saying he doesn’t want to be dictator. But when we think about Trump 2.0, how much of it is Trump himself building on his experience and insights as to how to make that happen (based on his perceptions the first time around) and how much of it is the larger authoritarian caucus laying out the design? It’s a perennial question with history’s dictators, that has been variously answered (and no doubt has various answers). I’m just curious about who is the one who really is in the weeds of all this, in this case.


You can bank on R&R so the question really should be, “what then?”

Abrogation of posse comitatus too if there is a Repuglican majority in congress but, with the kinds of lawyers Benedict Donald finds, there will doubtless be workarounds if not.



Say it over and over and over again.


It sounds like the way the NAZIs took over Germany. I take it these guys are going to start a civil war in an effort to replace the American way of life.

“Posion the Blood,” “Vermin,” “Dictator for a Day,” “Marist ideology,” indicate Trump’s staffers are using Mein Kampt as a text book. I know a lot of people who would know the meaning of all this have died, but I would hope you young folks might understand that Trump is making the noises that led to WWII. This is the point where the mainstream media might want to read a little about 1930s Germany.

The good thing is we have a reasonably good economy. We aren’t in a depression.

By the way you might want to read a little about “accelerationism” which is the ideology driving all of this scary crap. It is the idea on the hard right that America needs to be destroyed to save it for “real” Americans.


That’s the big mystery to me. We haven’t lost a war, there’s no Great Depression or galloping inflation. What is it that makes authoritarianism so attractive in the 2020s? What do people believe a dictator could accomplish that would significantly improve their lives? The historical record isn’t encouraging in that regard…


Not until the next “Tax Cuts and Job Creation Act.”

Cut taxes for the Donor class and increase the National Debt. Standard GOP playbook since 1980


The theory of “accelerationism” says it is time for a right wing revolution because it has been 80 years since WWII. That is the theory animating the hard right craziies. They want a lot of people to end up dead so they can create their purebred white Christian America.


The Uniform Code of Military Justice includes a “duty to disobey” if a military member considers an order to be illegal or unconstitutional. It has worked fairly well for a very long time. These fantastical hyperbolic predictions of a coopted military are a bit hard to swallow.


Good grief. Can we get this treasonous crew away from power immediately, if not sooner??


This time around on Jan 6, the Defendant no longer has one major asset that he had during his last insurrection attempt: he isn’t the sitting President. Joe Biden is, and the nation’s military will regard Biden as Commander in Chief until someone else wins the election AND is sworn in.

So January 6, 2025 is probably under control. Now, January 20th is another matter.


You can stop wondering.
Invana Trump [NOT Ivanka] in 1990 said Trump had copies of Hitler speeches on his night table.


Yes. We ought to work at getting rid of Clarence “Pay to Judge” Thomas before that happens, in order to tilt the odds a little towards Constitutionality. Although I have no idea how.


The historical record doesn’t include the impact of cable TV and social media bubbles that isolate people from objective facts, and amplify the worst tribal instincts that humans are wired for.

We no longer have a shared reality, like the days of Walter Cronkite telling the nation the news of the day. It’s just too damn easy now to ignore anything that doesn’t fit your worldview. Authoritarians thrive in that kind of environment where there is no opposition to their narrative.


As someone who once swore an oath to defend our nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I can tell you that it is not something that you take lightly.

It’s ironic, the only thing keeping our country from becoming a military dictatorship, is the military.


Reminds me that several years ago there was quite a kerfuffle on the right when it was found that Mein Kampf was on the summer reading lists of several high schools. Having already read it myself, I had an idea as to why they were really concerned.


I’ve been wondering about this as well …

Or is this a matter of who’s footing the bill?

And I’m not talking about the small donations crowd.

As of August 2023:

Of the 88 people who donated $50,000 or more to the two main super PACs that backed Trump’s reelection in the 2020 cycle, four of those donors – or people closely connected to them – donated to Trump’s super PAC, MAGA Inc., during the first six months of this year, according to CNN’s review of new filings with the Federal Election Commission.

They include New York Jets owner Robert Wood “Woody” Johnson, who was a top fundraiser for Trump’s earlier campaign and served as his ambassador to the United Kingdom. He donated $1 million to the Trump super PAC active in the 2024 election, Make America Great Again, Inc.

More here:


Perceived loss of “white male privilege” could be a part of it, although dwarfed by the “different reality” part of “news” coverage.