How Many More Will Die Of COVID In The Next Few Months? | Talking Points Memo

This much is clear: The fall COVID-19 wave will cause tens, and maybe hundreds, of thousands more deaths.

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Orders of magnitude more than should have if Trump hadn’t screwed the pooch on recognizing the problem, coming up and implementing a science-based national strategy, and convincing the deplorebels that it was all a librul hoax…


And - just for fun - on January 21st, every Republicans will scream that the 400,000 dead is because of President Biden’s failed leadership.


Eventually something is going to kill you. It’s God’s will. Freedom!! MAGA!!


Talk to health care workers. Anywhere. It’s the same across the nation.

But 70+ million voted for the orange fuck nut who actively made things worse, so here we are.

It’s beyond infuriating.


Trump said, “FORE”.

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Every other adult you come into contact with on a daily basis is stark raving mad. Election math proves it.


The tRump pandemic. Over the next two months, the media should lay the continuing toll squarely on tRump.

I want to see repeats of his “greatest hits.” You know, like “by April it will be gone.” “Kung flu.” “Only 15 cases.”

And on and on.


“This much is clear: The fall COVID-19 wave will cause tens, and maybe hundreds, of thousands more deaths. Some epidemiologists are forecasting a staggeringly high death toll over the coming months.”

What Trump and his Death Cult cadre of GOP enablers in the cabinet and senate have done – and continue to do – is nothing short of a Crime Against Humanity.

We’re going to need Nuremberg-style tribunals at the end of all this.


That point needs to be driven home in Georgia during the next several weeks. Their 2 Senators rejected their responsibilities to keep themselves safe, so how the fuck can we trust them to keep the rest of America safe?!? Quite simply, we can’t! The Republican model for governance leads to unnecessary deaths, pain and misery among far too many people to allow them to be in control of anything! Georgia is the last chance we’ll have for the next two years to seize the reigns of power from Moscow Mitch, who has completely abdicated his responsibilities to keep Americans safe, and to provide assistance to Americans in their times of need.


Just last weekend took me deep into tRump country, where there are plenty who don’t wear a mask. Not in the Walmart, at the gas station or Grocery stores. It’s been said you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. I’m done trying to convince these horse’s asses, for what will be in many cases a self correcting problem.


The forecasters are basing their estimates on data we know are inaccurate.

The estimates also exclude those who die of undertreated conditions due to c-19 overwhelming the healthcare delivery system.

:rage: :cry: :rage:


Trump and the GOP leadership. Without them he would be nothing. They made him possible and rode him like Slim Pickens on the head of the missile. An ongoing crime against humanity, and not only in terms of the pandemic but also climate change and a million other ways. Our tax dollars pay them and they get up every day and, out of evil and/or ignorance, do their best to burn the world down. It is enraging.

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In addition to gross incompetence on the part of Trump, his administration, and way too many elected Republicans, we can now add deliberate, malignant, dereliction of duty and responsibility. And because of that, hundreds of thousands have died and/or will die, and that will and should hang on their heads forever.


The tragedy is that Trump had an overwhelming advantage dealing with Covid which he simply squandered. It would have been much, much easier for him to persuade R voters to mask up than it would have been for any Democratic president, while D voters were much more likely to mask up regardless, whoever was president.


heard her screaming and her alarms blaring and ran in to her on all fours, naked, trying to get out bed, no oxygen, O2 sats to the 40s. Had to wrestle her back down, hold her down, hold the mask to her face, restrain her until the anesthesiologist came. She fought and screamed until they got the sedative in her and they intubated her right there. That was probably the last wakeful human interaction of her life.

The above was from my daughter who works on a covid floor as a nurse. It seems many of the pts are aware that if they are intubated, they likely will not survive, and so they scream and fight to stay off the ventilator.

The stories she tells are terrible. The public though do not get to hear these stories, perhaps if they did they would stop and think.


If it wasn’t unethical, I would suggest that the Biden Administration’s pandemic funding/vaccine distribution use an algorithm that prioritizes preventive action taken by the recipient community. After all, God Helps Those Who Help Themselves!


Yes, they would. About DWTS, ice cream, porn and what’s for lunch.

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It’s not unethical to determine where those resources might offer the best results in lowering reinfection rates. What is the purpose of using resources where they do ‘less good’?


“intubated,” not “incubated.” Spell check no doubt misinterpreted.