How about a Plan B for Democrats?

It’s time for Democrats to vote for Trump.

He’s the safest Republican who could win against a Democrat. And he can be defeated if we can get Democrats to the polls and get their votes counted.

It’s time for Democrats to exert a little partisan balance to all the damage the Rs have inflicted on voting rights for the past half-decade.

There’s time in almost every state for Democrats to revise their voter’s registration to Republican; which gives one the right to vote in the Republican primary. A vote for Trump as the Republican candidate protects our flank on many issues; certainly more than kleptocrats like Cruz or Rubio or even Jeb!.

Let’s get Trump queued-up against whomever the balance of the party elects. Our candidates each have their limits; but they still are worlds more desirable as leaders than the rest of the Conservative clown car.

Republicans tried an Operation Chaos similar to this idea in 2012. This could be Operation Sanity or Operation Rescue depending on how you see it. Or Maybe Plan B.