Housekeeping Point on Categories

I've noticed a lot of people lately failing to add a category to their posts. If there isnt a category, no one can reply. Since the first choice in the list is "uncategorised" it defaults to this if you skip right to the post. I generally send a PM to the original poster when I see them, and thats always been sufficient, but there are a lot of new prime members that might not be aware of this and think we arent interested when we really are!


Yes. If you are wondering why no one responded to your topic, check to see if you assigned a category. You can always add it later by editing the topic.

ETA: @hallam yours

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Can we set up our own how-to topic?

A new member asked recently how to add an avatar and I couldn't remember. And I can't seem to use the bold, italic, etc aids in the reply boxes. Do I click Bold and then start typing or type and go back and highlight.

It's awkward on an iPad to highlight. Sometimes I just give up but I'm sure there must be an easy way.

So, anyone up for this?

I just posted the following on the topic I'll take an extreme view here. I wanted to link it, I think, but didn't know how.

The problem of not knowing how things work is a problem for a lot of us. Sometimes we think we know but our ideas are wrong. I think the difference between Repubs and Liberals is that we want to know the correct answer and they insist their answer is correct.

Does anyone think there is a place for a topic of definitions, etc. of ideas and terms. Do you have time to explain how a budget works? I'm not talking in-debth , just enough to get by with facts.

Sometimes I find really written posts which would be good to aggragate in one place, for everyone. Is this possible? Does anyone have the time or inclination to work on it?

I'm ready to help but not to lead. 😀

Assuming that the discourse software has not been modified in a manner that complicates the option, there should be an easy technical fix to avoid threads without categories:

Some time ago we had this topic, which wasn't specific to Prime. I have it bookmarked but didn't think to use it for how to do avatars, etc.

Sometimes you can use the magnifying glass (i.e., search) to locate a topic, but that can be a study in frustration at times (and a gigantic waste of time).

I try to always use a PC rather than my Ipad. The Ipad is extra-super frustrating for me when doing anything other than straight reading. In fact, Hubby has turned it into his kindle and I hardly ever get to use it now.

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