House Judiciary Subpoenas Lewandowski, Ex-WH Aide Dearborn | Talking Points Memo

Literally lawless. The SCOTUS and/or Congress needs to make explicit the rules surrounding executive privilege so that lower courts can immediately throw out these claims.


That has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever read.

And I once read “Valley of the Dolls”!


The willingness and glee with which too many here are predisposed to eat our own is disgusting. The R’s didn’t seize the WH or the Senate by denigrating its leaders. Why the fuck do we?


‘E got worser…


Yes, because the first criterion I check off my list for legislative representative is “looks good on TV.” I can’t imagine what it’s like to be trapped in a mind so small.

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I think it has a lot to do with being a guy. Somehow I don’t believe the gals go in for this:

I sense caution, not “I’ll-knock-your-head-off” pessimism.

There were a few posters who I saw (after I came back to the site) who actually shifted their outlook and how they phrased things (to a much more positive-yet-aggressively-critical stance).

I will not say who they are, but I am extremely proud of them

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I hope that we can change the laws, so that upon conviction, we can execute the ball of grease we call Attorney General by public deep frying.
If we make it a PPV event, we could probably put a large dent in the national debt. Many, many more buys than Mayweather v. Pacquiao.
Boy, wouldn’t THAT make America great again!!! I’m sure that if you wanted to see it live, it would be SRO.

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YES … all that and more …!!! If Spanky has ever had a dream where the individual in question was involved - then they will be covered because in the dream Spanky may have shared privileged information
…Oh - no questions regarding plausibility please this is a plausibility free zone…

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Trump said that, “If he ran, he would be a great senator” and “hard to beat.”

… hard to beat ? … hummm … have heard that he has a brutal jab … and a real nasty left hook.

Executive Privilege can only delay, not stop, the subpoena. If Lewandowski is serious about a run for Senate, he’s better served getting it behind him sooner than later, during the heart of the campaign. But Trump and his ilk only think of today, and what they have to say and do to win the current news cycle.

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You think that it’s just and accident and happenstance and bad luck that the Mueller report, the most explosive and damning political document to have surfaced since the Watergate tapes, faded into into the ether? No. It’s because Pelosi and Nadler decided that upsetting Republicans would be too risky, going into 2020. You may think that is a great strategy. I don’t.

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We have just 235 Democrats in the Federal government on our side. Let’s treat them nicely even if they don’t get to feel the love.


The White House is considering invoking executive privilege to block Lewandowski’s testimony even though Lewandowski never worked for the Trump administration, CNN reported Thursday.

Now they are just making shit up. If he never worked for the Administration, there is no basis for a claim of “executive privilege.” Of course, this being the Trump criminal organization, obeying the law is merely a suggestion. Guess we will yet another court battle over this one.


A story (which you saw if you watched the film “The Birds”)…

Rod Taylor, in the film, was able to manage the safety of the women who were attacked by the birds…especially during the last scenes near the end of the film.

He was also reasonably good-natured and easy-going throughout the entire film.

But there was one scene on which I almost fell out laughing (even though danger was present), because I have, on rare occasions, done (metaphorically) pretty much the same thing:

There was a daytime scene in the film in which the birds, having gotten really going in attacking the town, bore down on Taylor and the young lady. All of a sudden, Taylor flew off the handle and started throwing rocks at the birds, an action entirely futile (given the sheer number of birds) and, quite possibly, increasing the danger that was present.

The young lady instantly got cross with Taylor and, quite sensibly, admonished him and told him to cut it out. Which he did.

What Taylor did was frustration. How he expressed it and the suddenness of it. And the aggression. If the tables were turned, the lady would not have thrown those rocks.

What is taking place right now is frustration with Pelosi and her crew…and this is how many people (including me) voice their frustration.

With impatience, fear and testosterone and a damning feeling of lack of control over this entire abominable Trump Era.

I curse Nancy out, too. But I do it with my wife and, mi esposa, being a helluva lot smarter and intuitive (w/r/t public opinion) than I am, usually gets me back on track…And I do not have a right (this is my opinion about what I CAN DO) to discourage others and pour sour grapes on someone (Pelosi) who is privy to more info than I possess and who is outnumbered by at least three separate sectors of our government

Anyone who’s ever had a chat with me knows NDP is my critter, has been for decades, so maybe I’m hypersensitive to the criticisms leveled at her. I think they’re unfair and unthinking because to know her background is to know that she cares for people which is why the House has passed bills working toward that goal while Moscow Mitch’s chamber waits to ignore them. If nothing else, maybe not big enough for most folks, is the fact that was preceded by men holding the speaker’s gavel who to a man brought disgrace and/or scandal to the position. That would include Gingrich, Boehner and Hastert. She was a staunch ally of BHO, she aided him in getting ACA passed knowing it would effect the House Dem majority, but she stuck with him anyway.

Maybe because we talk about politics so much we think we have an insider’s view of how Congress works. Talking and posting ain’t creating legislation and moving it forward. I also see ageism and sexism present though no one would cop to it. But it’s there. Part of why AOC is embraced in so many quarters.

But eating your own, as I call it, is never acceptable. She’s the duly elected representative from my city and the duly elected leader of the House. End of story.

So, off to my recordings, first Maddow’s then O’Donnell. Hasta la manana.

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Well, we do also have a few Senators – even a few not named Manchin, or even Schumer, or Gillibrand!

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Bullshit. Just bullshit.

You seem to think you’re a mind reader. You suck at it.

ah yes, the old “she has access to more information than we do” excuse.

The idea that Nancy Pelosi is some kind of genius flew out the window with the “immigration supplemental appropriations” fiasco, and the completely botched handling of the aftermath. The only reason Pelosi’s incompetence did not tear the party apart was Trump’s decision to go full bore racist against the squad.

Pelosi saved GWB from being impeached in 2007, and now she is saving Trump from the same fate. And its clear that she doesn’t understand that there is a massive difference between 2007 and 2019 (let alone 1987 when she joined the House, and 2019) – she’s old, obsolete and lost in the past.

So, your solution is to lob ad hominem attacks rather than defend their strategy (such as it is)? Yes, Machiavelli would be proud. Lincoln and Plato? not so much.

'Cuz we’re not republicans?