House Intel Swears In Mueller Deputy For Testimony | Talking Points Memo

The House Intelligence Committee is giving Aaron Zebley — a top aide to former special counsel Robert Mueller — the opportunity to testify alongside Mueller at the hearing the committee is hosting Wednesday.

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Seems to me it’s good, even if only to assert that Congress has a duty and the authority to obtain answers, whether the president likes it or not.

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Analogous to Neal’s argument for not accepting Trump’s NY taxes in lieu of the federal returns that Neal is legally entitled to.

I know folks get upset because it delays results, but these little things matter. Recall that the infamous OLC opinion only shields the president as a kind of parenthetical to explaining why the VP is not protected. It seemed unimportant then, but today it’s literally the only reason why Trump is not sitting in court.

If we move too quickly, we risk ironing a wrinkle into the shirt. The 21st century GOP is a pack of ravening carrion birds that will attempt to weaponize any weakness in law. This is a win that will probably make a difference as we work to dismantle Trumpworld.


It sure sounds like he needs to be interviewed by the Congressional Intelligence Committees. If he ran things day to day, his knowledge of where all the strings lead are important for us to know.