Hope Hicks Stands By House Testimony About Cohen Convos And Hush Payments | Talking Points Memo

She looks like a 55-year-old ingenue. The brows look real to me; she may need a lawn mower.


Paying off porn stars (again) - not worth a call or text.

Pee tapes? Better talk about that and figure out what to do.


That’s something once seen, cannot be unseen. Ick.

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It’s a real bitch when you don’t even know for sure what your boss has been up to. I mean, she could have just asked him, right? But then she would have known (if he admitted it was true), or she wouldn’t have trusted his answer (if he denied it).


She is no longer on fleek. Indeed she is off fleek.

Hicks has to remain loyal and lie for Donald if she hopes to get hired by FOX News.

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Good pick for faux news…She’s simply a vacuous bit of eye candy. I can see here now sitting with her legs crossed along with two mental midget morons beside her. She’ll nod occassionally and open her mouth as duty calls.

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45* is POTUS and Joan Crawford eyebrows are everywhere. Very scary times


If he was simultaneously wearing the tan suit their heads would have exploded.


You just can’t make this shit up.

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It does seem, at this point, that 99% of the Trumpeteers around Donald Trump are going to walk away from this whole travesty with no punishment whatsoever for their actions and behavior.

They’ll be back in some future Republican administration to do it all over again.


“I can’t be indicted for perjury! I have frosted hair!”

And it’s only a matter of time before we are subjected to those nuclear shoulder pads, too.

Joan Crawford could have been a linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

I can imagine Donald keeping this from her so she might not think to ask for hush money about Donald hitting on to her.

I was more struck by the color of her lipstick.

I love the pic that goes with the article. Makes it look like she’s just walking out of the ladies room.

I’m in Sweden for the next year. If Trump is 10 points ahead of the Dem nominee in summer 2020, a much longer stay would be very tempting.

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So if there were no history of Trump getting golden showered by Russian prostitutes, he would know there was no film of Trump getting golden showered by Russian prostitutes, and he would know to tell Hope Hicks not to waste her time worrying about whether TMZ had said alleged film of Trump getting golden showered by Russian prostitutes. QED, the event with the prostitutes described in the Steele Dossier happened, whether or not there is film of it. I believe Hope Hicks.

I’m guessing she has natural brows, but those are drawn, maybe will a Sharpie.

And the lips. Ugh.