Hive issues 6/15/2018

Some of us are experiencing trouble with the Hive today. I contacted TPM tech support and this is the current report:

"This is an issue with our provider, Discourse, and seems to be intermittent at the moment. Our developers are aware of it and are keeping tabs on things. This does not seem to be affecting all users though.

Thanks so much for your patience with this!

Jackie "

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Oh, yes. Buggy as heck.


Busy news days are like that. Frustrating, but it means things are moving along.


iPad keeps giving me the just prior front page upon opening. If I refresh, it goes to the current front page.

And I still have to access comments from the drop down, not from the article.

Really buggy.....somehow there’s comfort in knowing it isn’t just me....

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Some issues here, Retries needed more frequently than normal.

So is this RNC (Russian National Committee) hackers at work?


I don't think so. This is not atypical for a Big News Friday.

When you see headlines like this one in the LA Times...

Sing or clam up: What's the best bet for Paul Manafort as he rots in jail?

Pardon my French, but That's a fucking headline right there.


I wish the main boards were not once again having issues with Comments. I'd sure like to be able to post my thoughts on where Ann Coulter could put her finger. :confused:

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