Hive Header formatting issue

When I view a list of topics I see the following header at the top

Link to The Hive on the left and link to the main site on the right.

When I view the topic itself, I get a header with the little TPM block on the left, but it links to the Hive and there is no link to the main site.

I think the header with both links is the better option and would like to see it in both places. For awhile yesterday I thought it was doing that, but today it seems to be back to the old way which is what made me finally mention it.


I found it confusing at first that the TPM red square icon takes you to the expected front page from the main Hive page, but from a thread page the “Hive” logo is replaced by the misleading TPM logo. I’m used to it now.

I don’t see the logic but it doesn’t rank high on my list pf pet peeves.


OK, this is even odder. If I am looking at the headline of a topic, the header with both links displays, but if I scroll down past the headline, it switches to the header with just the TPM block on the left.

Having designed a website or two, I would not think this was intended behavior.