Help with the hive, please

maybe i just haven’t had enough coffee today, but i can’t find the controls to go to top or bottom of thread, and i can’t seem to change the default order from oldest first…

I’m technically inept. Check this thread. It might help.

Good morning!

I’m uncertain about changing the sort order but with this new software release I see a line on the right of the posts. It runs from the top of my screen to the bottom and has a half inch blue “sleeve” on it.with some numbers next to the sleeve. The first number shows the latest post I’ve read and the number on the right shows the total number of posts.

I can click on the number to the right and it will take me to the bottom of the thread or I can drag the sleeve up or down.

Does that help?


For an article, the comments are initially only partially displayed. There is a link to continue the discussion, which actually brings up the full comment thread. At that point, there is a small vertical bar immediately to the right of the comments. It begins right under the date. (On my screen, the bar is a skinny blue bar with a larger blue bar on top of it.) Sliding the larger bar down to the bottom takes you to the bottom. Sliding it to the top takes you to the top. As you slide, it shows an indicator of where you are.

It is clunky, and not as convenient as the old way, but it is what it is. Good luck.

I note that the bar, which is visible to the right of this private thread, gives the count of the current message and the total number of messages. At the top, it gives the date of the first post, and at the bottom the time of the last. If you click repeatedly on either, it should jump in that direction. (It might take several clicks for a long thread.)

The Hive still shows threads to people who are not logged in. It looks like it shows threads that are categorized as Meta or are not categorized at all. Security settings should be corrected.


If you’re referring to responses within a topic I think that’s not changeable. But it should drop you to wherever you left off last time.