Harris To Receive COVID-19 Vaccine On Tuesday

The Biden transition team announced on Monday evening that Vice President-elect Kamala Harris would be administered the vaccine for COVID-19 on Tuesday.

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Just out of curiosity . . . has anyone seen any reporting on how Biden has responded to the vaccine? Any reports of side effects?

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Good for her.

Marco Rubio and other Republicans start complaining about her receiving the vaccine in 3… 2… 1…


He received the vaccine on December 21st, and I haven’t seen any reports mentioning a negative response. And he’s given several speeches, etc, since then.


Good for her. Public officials need to reassure folks. There is a lot of lies out there.

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Done, at a DC hospital… her usual conversational self, standing afterwards to address staff and cameras. “It’s safe and effective, and quick. When it’s your turn, get it.”

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It would be interesting to track people’s attitudes towards the vaccine as they watch political leaders being vaccinated. Who is likely to be convinced by these demonstrations? Not those who think they will be injected with a microchip, I guess, but it would be interesting to see who becomes more or less comfortable with it, broken down by socioeconomic group, race, level of education, and political leaning.