Gun Dealer To Feds: ATF Sting May Let Guns Go To ‘Bad Guys’ | Talking Points Memo

As early as April 2010, an Arizona gun dealer was expressing concern to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) about whether firearms sold from his store as part of a federal sting could end up in the wrong hands.It was an eerie premonition from an unidentified gun dealer cooperating with ATF’s “Project Gunrunner,” an initiative aimed at stopping the flow of guns to Mexican cartels. Project Gunrunner has recently taken heat after a whistleblower told media outlets that ATF supervisors ordered agents not to intercept weapons made in suspicious sales but instead to monitor them to see where the weapons ended up. The agency reportedly allowed more than 1,700 guns be illegally trafficked to Mexico.

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