GSA Leader Consulted With Predecessor Who Faced 2000 Recount | Talking Points Memo

As President Donald Trump continues to refuse to acknowledge defeat, pundits and politicos have trained their fire on a career official whose say-so would open the doors of government to President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team — the head of the General Services Administration, Emily Murphy.

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“I think she really wants to do the right thing, I just think that the pressures on her are heavy,”



This is not the Florida 2000 recount. As many Trump voters told me in 2016:

“Get over it”


At least there is a precedent that it’s clear she is violating.

The guy is right - 2000 was a matter of a couple of thousand votes in one State - nothing like the seven million margin that Biden currently enjoys. Even the guy is saying she’s wrong and he knows what it’s like.


Barram’s point of view is clear: Biden is the obvious victor of the 2020 election. This presidential contest may have resembled the one two decades ago “for maybe two days, when it really wasn’t clear who’d won,” he said, but the ballot count since has been undeniable.

Barram may not want to tell Murphy what to do, but he just did.


Well, that’s interesting. She does realize that having already rolled over for Trump on the FBI building and now this bullshit, her job future is looking precarious anyway? That doing the “right thing” (also the bleedin’ obvious as well) might help more than it hurts? As I often ask myself, what’s the rationale here? Other than durr Trump is good I do what helps Trump ayup ayup?


Why don’t these people ever realize that if you’re worried about future job prospects, you don’t go work for the Trump Administration?

I mean…it’s because I’m concerned about keeping my head attached to my neck that I don’t enter the lion’s den.


So, Ms. Young is more concerned about her job, her career, and her future and that transcends the national interest?? Yup, she’s a Trumper alright!


Her reticence to issue a letter of ascertainment is strange. It has nothing to do with election certification, which happens weeks after the election. In a pandemic, such foot-dragging costs lives daily. She has gone from excessively prudent behavior to criminal negligence.


She can get fired now or fired in January, but she’s getting fired.


“She obviously knew that happened,” Barram said of Murphy. “I mean, she’s young and has a career ahead of her."

Not outside of wingnut welfare, she doesn’t.

And every single court decision was in Gore’s favor until SCOTUS decided to steal it for Dubya.

ETA: And the Presidential Transitions Act has since been amended to ensure smoother and more fulsome transfers of administration.


So why is it failing here? It was supposed to be better, no?


Wasn’t there a Senator from OK that promised to “get involved” by last Friday if the Admin kept up this charade? Yeah, so those crickets I hear are from OKC, right? The deafening silence is originating from a bit west of Tulsa?


[“She obviously knew that happened,” Barram said of Murphy. “I mean, she’s young and has a career ahead of her. The one piece of advice I would give to the Republican Party is, stop making it be about her and make it be about you guys.” ]

@txlawyer beat me to the punch. But there is also the knotty deal of Historical Annals.

She has qualified as a minor villain and, maybe not even “minor”, if actual, preventable deaths come into play.

By journalistic, current history and period-history standards there is no whitewashing her actions.


There might’ve been except this guy blew her cover.


Before everyone craps on Murphy for not confirming that Trump lost, we should all remember what happens to women who don’t follow the Trump and Republican party line. Even when she finally follows the clear result, she is still going to receive the most awful response imaginable, which will include high level Republican officials calling her a traitor and random citizens sending her hate mail (including rape and death threats). I have no doubt it’s already happened…it’s easy to imagine some Republican politician threatening her career if she confirms Biden’s transition (and odds are Trump has called), and “don’t you dare or there will be consequences!” emails from Trump supporters.

It’s good that she called Barram for advice…she’s probably looking for a way to do the right thing while saving her ass, which isn’t exactly patriotic but is human. Her problem is that her cover for doing this is far gone, now that the election result is clear she should follow through. She will have to eventually, there’s no changing the course the election will follow (short of illegal court decisions or an actual coup attempt), so she’s just putting off the inevitable. Sucks for her, but that’s the job she signed up for, and her best option is to follow through on her duty and ride out the consequences, despite the pain that will follow.


No shit Dick Tracy. But obvious no longer means consequential – Repugs have not paid the price – and so we wait and wonder, will this continue and, if so, how do we (as a nation).


Bullshit. She could do the right thing and even if Trump fired her, Biden could very quickly hire her back. This is about more than her stupid job; she’ll easily get another, but the thousands of lives lost won’t get another chance. I hope Biden fires her ass on day one.


“It sure is a bad example to set for the rest of us,” he said, “watching the Republicans behave this way.”

The GOP: setting bad examples and destroying irony since 1968.


She’s already cast a wide net. Won’t someone please hire to make an honest woman out of her? And if she’s looking for a new job, isn’t that acknowledging Trump is done?