GOP Rep. Says Trump Asking Ukraine To Investigate Biden Was ‘Inappropriate’ | Talking Points Memo

There was more to his speech. I just quoted some paragraphs.

(No editing, of course, but ellipses shown as needed.)

Thought so. That’s definition 4 in M–W, I think, of the verb [to] abstract.

Your choice of text was perfect. Just perfect.

ETA: The use of ellipses admittedly ain’t in that definition, they’re just what’s required in the circumstances.

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which will happen first - he’ll recant or announce his retirement?

“So, is there some sort of abuse of power that rises to that threshold that is different than the American people have been hearing for three years? I don’t hear that.”

Representative Thornberry is going to learn new words this week.
Bribery and extortion.


If ANY president had done what Trump has done, it would and should have been impeachable.
Was that your question?


Blowjobs are impeachable because Big Bill got one for free from a 21 year old. THAT’S what enraged them more than 20 years ago. Period. The GOP Coc-- I mean Republicans, think extortion and bribery are all ok as long as THEY are the ones doing it. All that highfalutin talk in the late 90s boiled down to ‘Where’s MY 21 year old?’ Never mind this stuff about something being harmful to the country. Give all that a rest. These clowns wonder why more and more of their kids are ashamed of them.

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Too bad his neighbor didn’t put him out of service.

I dreamed I saw Jeff Flake last night
Alive as you and me…


Thornberry is one of six Texas Republicans who’ve announced that they will not be running for reelection in 2020.
The only time Republicans are honest about Trump is when they’re on their way out or already retired.


I don’t understand your comment re Flake. I’m too dense or unhip or both.

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That is ok. It is oblique and obscure. Joan Baez had a song that was about executed IWW union organizer Joe Hill. And since Rep. Thorneberry is so much like handwriging GOP member Jeff Flake resurrected, I switched lyrics from Joe Hill to Jeff Flake. You have to be of a certain age, remember the song, etc. So, denseness and hipness are not the issue. “Believe me…”

Oh, I’m WAY old enough to recall Joan Baez. Indeed, I have a least 2 of her albums, but don’t recall this song. Flake, of course, I know about – a weasly little GOP turd.
Is this the same Joe Hill of the Molly Maguires? On the scaffold, to which he was railroaded, he asked, “Are you sure this thing is safe?” Now that’s one set of cojones.


Defining deviance down.

How proud you all must be, Republicans.

Must be. Has to be the same Joe Hill. You had to have gold or platinum cojones to be a union organizer in that period of US History, I imagine. In my all male PR junior high-high school in the 60-70s we would tell a school mate who had just done something really ballsy that he "had them of gold, " (los tienes de oro…), or had them huge (los tienes asi….speading one’s arms out as in a fish tale).


That song was in the folk-song album I learned out of, along with all the other standards. Published just post-ww2, iirc. Between that and The Golden Vanity and a few others, there’s no way it would be allowed near kids in a school today.


Glad to hear that it was a standard from The Weavers era.
I went to elementary school on an Army Base in PR. Our music teacher was this MidWestern Woman named Mrs. Plyler. She taught us a lot of interesting songs, including an almost year long module on Stephen Foster, which I am glad to have learned. But one module we had was American folk music (including Woody Guthrie), some very progressive songs for a Cold War era Army Base school. One of the songs I remember was Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill. It is possible we learned and sang the Joe Hill song because I do remember the lyrics (we had to memorize the lyrics of all our songs), and definitely did not learn them either from listening to Joan Baez, or from a book on the IWW I read in my 40s.


“You was docked for the time you was up in the sky”.

The more things change…


That was everyone’s favorite part of the song! Us all being in third grade.

If Trump did the crime, he needs to do the time. In this case, be impeached. The Justice of pursuing this does not rest on which day he committed the crime – the first day of his term or the last. The Constitution does not require America to suffer a corrupt President for one minute. Remember also that one of the punishments that the Senate can impose is disqualification from Federal office – which would bar Trump from running again.

There may be political concerns about pursuing impeachment in an election year but there are no concerns about the justice of doing so.


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