GOP Leaders Privately Discussed QAnon Rep’s Risks To Party | Talking Points Memo

House Republican leaders were well aware of the risks posed by QAnon supporter, Marjorie Taylor Greene, last summer but ultimately opted to do little to stop her according to an Axios report detailing previously unreported at length discussions about her potential threat.

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" GOP Leaders Privately Discussed QAnon Rep’s Risks To Party"

That is the perfect headline. In a decent world it would read: GOP Leaders Privately Discussed QAnon Rep’s Risks To this COUNTRY. But it correctly points out that Republicans only care about how it might damage Republican.


Vote Cheney out of leadership, replace her with MTG.


GOP leaders also discussed the possibility of renting a spine but ultimately decided to continue without one.


Profiles in Fascist Underknuckling


All I had to do was look at the headline to see what the problem was. GOP Leaders “Privately” Discussed…
One of the biggest problems the Republicans have is that they have very little people within their party who are willing to stand up for what is proper within their party. You know that deepe down many of them HATED T----- and what he did to their party’s image, but they wouldn’t come out for fear of reprisal from T----- and his rabid Twitter followers.
Now all of a sudden, Liz Cheney shows something many of them didn’t-- testicles-- and voted against T-----, and is now considered a outlier. Please. Liz Cheney is hardly someone that I would go to for political advice. But at least she had testicles.
The QAnon Queen will not so much as receive a slap on the wrist because McCarthy, Gaetz, Gym Jordan, Gohmert-Pyle, and all the other GOP cronies either agree with her 100%… or don’t have the balls to stand up to her.


So they discussed it and decided to do what? Nothing?


The Republican party has only shown a strong willingness to cultivate extremism.

Why would they suddenly stop now? It is their very brand within their own constituency anymore. They put themselves a a slippery slope, and now are continuing down past dark onward the darkest of places.


Outcome of the discussion?

The GOP adopted the QAnon mission statement.


Trump liked her. Say no more. Trump is the Republican party. Where that leads us remains to be seen.


No spine, no morals, no empathy, no humanity. Winning at any cost. Cheating encouraged. Cold calculated deceit for a soulless power grab.

OT but related – and totally unsurprising, the Manchuian President:


So Trump is still relevant and the GOP can live with QAnon in its tent. ???


I am tired of headlines and articles like these.
They reveal nothing and serve to further the GOP’s talking point that they are deeply concerned about the direction of our country.
Meanwhile they continue to f**k democracy and march lockstep towards authoritarianism.


If they don’t cut her out of the party, their crazy train has only two possible destinations: The end of democracy, and beginning of a conspiracy-laiden authoritarian rule by Donald Trump, and then by his corpse.

Or the end of the GOP.

I’m thinking the latter is more likely.


This is no surprise.

There are two parts to the GOP. The first is the “few” who are the donor class that cares only about low taxes and no regulation. The second is the “many” who are the right wing worshipers of Ayn Rand, the racists, and the evangelical Christian domionists who want to create a theocracy. QAnon fits right in with these folks. So it would make no sense for the “institutionalist” to disavow them as they are the Republican party of today.


I am hoping the latter is more likely. There is a tendency in the country to avoid confrontation that presumably (most would think) drive more polarization.

However, sometimes that is not the way it works. If the other side is way over guardrails the only way to save yourself is to let them take their fall. I am not saying this is a happy place all, not at all, but a sad necessary choice.


And it’s not the end of the GOP. In the 1950s it was “Eisenhower Republicans”. In the 80s “Reagan Republicans”. Now it’s Trump Republicans. The GOP isn’t going away. It’s 50:50 in the Senate. A dozen or so seats in the House (wait for 2022). Seems like a reasonable place for a political party to be in a two party system.


The Rethugs are shooting themselves in the foot, first the right, then the left, then the right, then the left and repeat. The crazies are now all front and center and they’re going to go down, it might take time but…


To Rs, there is no difference - the party is the country and the country is the party. Ds are outsiders, infidels, and will always be treated as such.


No go all in and support her.