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Alito claimed that he asked his wife to take the “Stop the Steal” flag down as soon as he learned it was flying, but she refused to take it down for several days.

Anyone see this as a relationship red flag (pun intended) if it is true? This is not some cute nothing but a symbol that completely skewers his validity as a SCOTUS justice. If my wife were as callous and compromised me this way, I would be heading for a break up.

Definitely not a what to do, what to do? moment of powerlessness to the grand connection between two soul mates.


No mention of a Mr. Wonderful, though.

Shark Tank is an American business reality television series that premiered on August 9, 2009, on ABC.[1] The show is the American franchise of the international format Dragons’ Den , a Japanese TV series.[2] It shows entrepreneurs making business presentations to a panel of five venture capitalists (investors in start-ups) called “sharks” on the program, who decide whether to invest in their companies.



He’s one of the sharks on Shark Tank. He got into learning software early and kept getting bought up by successively larger companies (Softkey, Broderbund, The Learning Company) until he was ultimately bought out by Mattel, making him significant money and was subsequently fired by Mattel.

He’s since been a gadfly offering business advice and telling people how wonderful he is. If you watch the show Shark Tank, he’s the most predatory of all of them.

He’s been bitching about the Trump trials. With Letitia James and the fraud cases he was saying that they were trying to persecute Trump for high valuation of his property.

Which of course totally ignores the nearly billion dollars of fraud and lying about the properties he owns, their size, their worth, their potential worth and on an on. There’s typically a 20% swing in valuation depending on the method. 30% would be high, 50% variation is way outside the norm, but Trump was consistently at 300% variation in valuation.

Heck, his apartment was 10,000 square feet, he said it was 30,000 square feet. Trump Tower is 58 stories high, he said it was 68 stories high and so on. Which is fine in a marketing brochure, but not in verified financial statements that you swear are correct under the penalty of perjury.

But Kevin O’Leary thought that trial was bad for New York and people would leave it in droves.

Here’s his latest.


Thanks for that. It’s probably more than I needed to know, but you’re saying that Kevin O’Leary and Mr. Wonderful are one and the same.

Chalk it up to my complete lack of interest in celebrity vulture capitalist reality shows.


:musical_note: “Shannon is gone I heard. She’s drifting out to sea. She always loved to swim away. Maybe she’ll find an island, with a shaded tree. Just like the one in our backyard.” :musical_note:




“I’m more of an intransigent fellow, myself.”


See, the thing is, most husbands would just ask their wives.

Rather than seek legal recourse, court-ordered injunction, or statutory relief.

¯\_ (ツ) _/¯


But the OTHER 165 million American women don’t get the same respect.

What an UTTER ass.


He’s Mrs. Wonderful’s husband.


The obvious answer to these sniveling men is not oversight, but a copy of Josh Hawley’s book “Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs.” In fact, some one on one time with Hawley would teach these girly justices that as manly men, they are to preside over a woman. He would instruct them that a man should “always have the final say about decisions in his marriage.”

Pathetic cuck beta males.


A new pen name for David Dennison or the other guy?

ETA: I think the other guy is John Barron. His name escaped me for a moment. I wish Trump’s name would do likewise.


Are you applying for a job as Trump’s speech writer? You just might get it. Be careful what you wish for.

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Even if Alito’s marriage is just a business arrangement, he still has a conflict.


Trump himself.


A thin-skinned and prickly ass at that. He will never give us the satisfaction of saying “I see your point”, but if we keep the pressure up we can goad him into making the case of court expansion and/or impeachment all by his very own self. It’s the least we can do to repay him for taking our rights away.


A real Cro-MAGA man would have dragged her back into the cave, torn down the flagpole, sharpened one end, and used it to go kill a mastodon for her to cook up for dinner.


Sorry Mr. O’Leary, but that won’t happen in Venezuela. It only happens to entitled American assholes.


Well the HuffPost named it correctly:

If you ever saw an interview with Donnie in filmed in his office you’d see stacks and stacks of paper, and knick-knacks stacked up by the yard in his office in Trump Tower. They’re his emotional support clutter.