Giuliani Claims Dems Want To ‘Kill’ Him Due To Ukraine Ramblings

I don’t want to kill poor old Rudy, but I do think he should be trump’s roommate in the hospital for the criminally insane.


I’d rather see a Soviet mafia figure, who one simply does not disappoint, express his disappointment with Rudi G in the traditional way.

as they say in the mountains…that boy ain’t worth killin’…

No martyrs, you pathetic asshole. We want you to keep talking non-stop in public, confessing to all the crimes, incriminating the Pumpkin Traitor, providing video proof for generations of what happens when people vote repug.

He ain’t wrong … if he’s talking about this Democrat.

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@ cervantes Unfortunately, they already are!

I don’t think anyone I know would be terrribly upset over the discovery of his body, face down in a dark alley in a spreading pool of internal liquids.

I don’t want Rudy dead. I want Rudy convicted. Then dead. Gotta keep your priorities straight.

Well not that…my inclination is to start with drawing and quartering.

You flatter yourself, Rudy. Your nothing of an infected cyst waiting to be stabbed–or explode–whichever comes first.

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Rudy, you’re not worth the polonium.


I prefer sending him, along with Trump, to a remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean without access to Internet. Jailers would be entitled to sneer at them 2-3 times a day.

a bit more… far more of Putin’s money is in banks in Latvia

And Roger for entertainment : - )

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Dude, that’s not a rifle, it’s a boom mic. The more crazy shit falls out of your mouth, the better.

And those aren’t machine guns you hear in the distance; just lots and lots and lots of decent people making popcorn.

Giuliani Claims Dems Want To ‘Kill’ Him Due To Ukraine Ramblings

No, but I do think you need to spend the rest of your life behind bars.

So as usual these assholes tell you exactly what they are thinking by saying the other side wants to do X. Turn it 180* and Rudy says he wants to kill the Libs. Typical.

I literally want to see him do the perp walk.

Gee Rudy… It’s a shame you’re not a federal employee, huh? That way you would have the Justice Department investigating your perils.


You can always hide in Las Vegas, Rudy.