Former GOP Candidate Saccone Cheered From Outside As Rioters Broke Down Capitol Gates | Talking Points Memo

Former Republican congressional candidate and prominent Trump ally Rick Saccone lost an adjunct teaching job at a private Catholic college Wednesday after video surfaced of him standing on the Capitol grounds and cheering on the attack on the nation’s legislature. 

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Five dead make for one hell of a metaphor, dickhead.


Never mind just isn’t gonna fly


Another figure of speech:

“You’re fired” doesn’t mean you will be shot out of a cannon or lit on fire.


Saccone needs to be charged with sedition as well. His attendance at the riot and his imploring of his followers to attack the capital are evidence aplenty of a sedition charge.

He can spend the next 20 years in a Supermax federal prison extolling the virtues of the Donald Trump presidency.


I guess ‘metaphor’ doesn’t mean what he ‘thinks’ it means…it’s all hip until sentient human beings call you on it…


Gee I wonder why he hasn’t been arrested?

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I know that there are groups of people combing through social media looking to ID individuals that took part in this coup, but I hope someone puts up a list of their names and their fates. Gotta set an example for the following generations.


He is participating in a terrorist attack on the UNITED STATES CAPITOL.

That is not a metaphor.

It is a criminal act.


Now, Saccone says his coup cheerleading was all just one big misunderstood “metaphor.”

It counterpoints the surrealism of the underlying metaphor of whatever it was that the rally was about.


Because this ain’t Belarus (yet). He said a lot of stupid stuff, and is now dealing with the consequences, but there’s zero indication in the article that he actually did anything, you know, illegal.

Did he enter the Capitol building? Then, he broke one law. Plenty of video might show more. This aint over with. FBI prolly wants his phone records.


It’s always the same. When they feel invincible…impregnable they talk tough. But as soon as they’re vulnerable it was all just a joke. A misinterpretation and they should be treated with soft hands. Tough when it’s safe to be tough ( which is when talking tough aint jack shit ) and whimpering woe is me’s when they have to stand up and face the world on their own.


Hopefully many more firings to come.


Given the extraordinary cowardice ( not to be mistaken with contrition ) this asshole is spewing I doubt he had the balls to breech and take on the cops. He mouthed off tough outside and that was it. That’s not illegal. But it’s sickening enough to get him canned from a gravy job.


If he entered the building, certainly. But there’s no indication of this in the article. In fact, the headline says “Former GOP Candidate Saccone Cheered From Outside […]” (emphasis mine).

So, absent any indication of an actual crime, the calls for him to be locked up are, well, Flynn-ian.

I believe close to 100 arrest warrants have been issued. I don’t think these idiots have any idea how much America is pissed off at their actions and how adamant we are they pay a heavy price.


We might wait until after the inauguration to round the magats up. In the mean time the foreign agents who took this fine opportunity for a free shot at Congress and the Capitol need to be caught.


“Now, Saccone says his coup cheerleading was all just one big misunderstood ‘metaphor’.”

“After being soundly ridiculed for the ‘metaphor’ defense, Saccone later claimed it was a ‘pun’.”

“Subsequently facing pushback on the ‘pun’ claim, he then alleged it was an ‘onomatopoeia’.”

“Sources now say he plans to release an ‘anagram’ defense later this afternoon.”


There are multiple SCIFs scattered throughout the building, and if even one of them got breached, that’s going to involve so much paperwork.

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