FL School Board Chair Defends Mask Mandates Amid Governor’s ‘Horrible’ Threats | Talking Points Memo

Dr. Rosalind Osgood, Broward County School Board chair, on Sunday outlined the district’s decision to impose a mask mandate despite Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) ban on school mask mandates.

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If someone in another country was doing what Death Sentence is doing to Florida, we’d be discussing how long before we saw them in The Hague.

Gotta love how Republicans are “for smaller government” and localized solutions (state’s rights) up until a County School Board or Elections Board tries the same.


I think Desantis has thrown himself off the cliff and the Dems need to tally up how many people either got very sick or died because of actions regarding COVID. I am surprised he isn’t screaming “state rights, state rights!!!” to justify his decisions. He is as bad of a sociopath as Trump.


“Florida had 39,000 unnecessary hospitalizations and 2,806 more deaths than it would have if DeSantis hadn’t championed every wrong policy.”


There’s only one end-game here: DeSantis, in some way or other, is going to fold. And the only results of this performative insanity will be (a) the final nail in the coffin of his presidential ambitions, and (b) the unnecessary deaths of a lot of innocent people.


OsGood versus DeSatan.


I honestly wish he would catch it and get hospitalized. I’m sure he was first in line for a vaccination though.

On the other hand, that experience didn’t improve TFG’s sociopathy at all, so who knows.


Osgood pointed to the 8-9 vote by the school board in favor of issuing a mask mandate, saying that members “believe in science.”

Um … “8-9” is usually read as a vote of eight against nine, but it actually was eight out of nine. Big difference.

The Broward County school board has nine members in total.


The Good Lord: “Look, how much more obvious do I need to make this for you dolts?”

“…that other guy, they literally built a golden idol of him, and still some of you morons think he’s playing on my team.”

“Don’t make me come down there.”


Osgood further defended the move to issue mask mandates

You should never have to “defend” yourself for doing the right thing. It’s De Santis and Abbott who have much to answer for. And just like in Florida, Abbott has lost the county judges and school superintendents of major metropolitan areas in Texas. He’s now begging the Texas Supreme Court to bail out his sorry ass.

Just as soldiers in the military have a duty to disobey immoral or unconstitutional orders, I believe these school superintendents have been placed in a similar position and have an affirmative duty to disregard their Governors on this issue. Kudos to them for standing up for the children under their care.


Bravo for your Post. Harming innocents whose only fault is that they are in our care is not only criminal but sociopathic.


It’s precisely because I’m staunchly “pro-life” that I’m a Democrat. In a just world, we’d never hear that self-serving tripe from Republicans ever again. We need to reclaim that bit of terminology from them.


So 8/9 for those keeping track.


Punctuation, matters. [sic]


This entire situation points out not only a failure of Republican governance, but also religious institutions. Where are the clergy as politicians make horrifyingly bad decisions that threaten humanity? How sacred, exactly, is human life to them? This, as they fight over whether Biden and other Catholic Democrats deserve a communion wafer. Thank goodness for our progressive institutions -Democrats, scientists, Universities, and educators -that have stood tall.


There is additional motivation for the Trump minions like Abbott and De Santis: Dominance of Message and Obedience of the GOP voting population

Can you imagine anything more powerful than making one’s adherents to go to their deaths? I am certain that those at the disseminating end of the communiction tunnel are FAR more protected from COVID than the receiving end of Trumpists


DeSantis is channeling Donnie’s authoritarian instincts. Like Donnie, he will fail.


I think he’s actually worse. I couldn’t remember what his educational background was, so I looked it up. From wiki: He graduated from Yale in 2001 with a B.A. magna cum laude in history.[11] He then spent a year as a history teacher at the Darlington School.[12] DeSantis then attended Harvard Law School, graduating in 2005 with a Juris Doctor cum laude .[13][14]
This man is clearly, incredibly intelligent while Trump is dumber than the drunk at the end of the bar who keeps trying to hit on the burly bouncer’s girlfriend. He’s doing these things purely for political reasons, to appeal to Trump and the base. All of this is ultimately about his hopes of winning reelection, then winning the GOP nod in 2024, and maybe becoming president. That actually makes him worse than Trump. We cannot let this massive, POS get anywhere near the WH other than on a public tour. Even then, additional security should be brought in.


On one hand DeSantis is playing to the lowest common denominator, while his education suggests that he could be very cunning and go lower, and still keep his fat out of the fire. Trump could not do this.