Errol Morris' reputation

I can’t listen to the Errol Morris podcast. He’s the guy that tired to argue that Jeffrey MacDonald was innocent and didn’t slaughter his family all those years ago. He misrepresented evidence that didn’t fit his view and ignored other evidence. I can’t bring myself to listen to anything he says.

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I liked Gates of Heaven.

I liked Fog of War.


this podcast is hard to listen to, Josh, let the guy talk, you keep interrupting… I’d be annoyed if I were the guest too.

I have not seen the film but after listening to the interview it seemed to me that Morris touchiness from the outset might stem from self-doubts he harbors about the film and its audiences ability to discern the irony in it. I think his technique generally is to let his subjects knot their own noose but Bannon might be more knowing about what sells as sincerity these days. As Josh has said, grandiosity is in vogue. A lot of folks might mistake it for intellectual heft.