Emergency Systems Still Offline After Christmas Day Explosion In Nashville | Talking Points Memo

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Sweeping communications outages continued to plague large swaths of Tennessee on Saturday after a recreational vehicle exploded early Christmas morning in sleepy downtown Nashville.

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" including residential and cell phone service and 911 call centers — failed across the state,"

Which is all a coincidence. We didn’t learn a lot since 9/11. I presume authorities are on high alert elsewhere now. Or has the Oval Office Resident determined election fraud, since he lost, is still a priority?


Looking at that photo a nice piece of shrapnel went right through the Do Not Enter sign.
Lucky no one died.


It would certainly appear that the AT&T central office was the target of the attack. Whether it was to knock out the police emergency system in furtherance of other crimes, the airport, or something else remains to be seen. But it is quite the weakness that taking out just one building can cause all of these deleterious effects. Certainly that needs to be rethought.


And what are the odds that this turns out to be the work of a disgruntled MAGAT?


AT&T is a failure here, too. Every corporation I’ve worked for has had disaster plans in the event of something like this. A couple of ex-employers even conducted periodic ‘fire drills’ to ensure their systems could recover.


Hmm. Might be a problem having for-profit companies setting up our communications systems, because redundant or self-healing systems for just such emergencies don’t add to profit. You’d either have to mandate or subsidize it.


It sounds like someone or some group was targeting the communications center but timed it, with a warning, that it was going to happen to minimize casualities. I am not sure but it sounded like it even counted down the time remaining. This appears to be pretty sophisticated. They should be able to track the vehicle and possibly identify the human remains found at the scene. Hopefully, this is a one-off event.


O/T look at those evil dead eyes


I doubt a MAGAT would have warned people that a bomb was about to explode. At this stage, however, anything is possible.


You have to question the thinking sometimes. A giant limb fell on the power lines leading to my house, so I called the electric company. This bored-sounding lady asked if I was reporting an emergency, and I said technically not, since I still had power and all. She said she couldn’t send anybody out right away if it wasn’t an emergency. I said it’s not an emergency but it could become one at any time. She said they’d put it on the schedule to be checked out. A day or two later sure enough the lines came down and then they came out and spent like a day putting it all back together. Idiots.


There is also the question of competence, this is the work of someone or group that is capable of doing more than parading around with assault rifles.


The mayor muttered “We’ll get these folks” so my radar tells me there is a prioritized list of suspects…
This is Nashville…


I will give AT&T a little wiggle room for the day. It was severe and complicated. But we still seem to centralize too much at the wrong times and places. Now, I admit, I am being an armchair quarterback on this. But this reminds me of Pearl Harbor and the clustering of aircraft on the runways in lieu of separation of assets.


The cops who got everyone out are getting some well-earned praise today. That was a hell of an explosion.


So last night I was trying to find something to watch, and MSNBC was running the Pete Souza documentary “The Way I See It”. Pete was the official WH photographer for all of the Obama years. It was still bittersweet watching this for the third time. Watching a President that was a fully functioning human being as opposed to this piece of shit mugging for the cameras just made realizing what we’ve become was super sad.


Yeah, MAGATS as a general rule are pretty averse to ‘planning’. :smile:


He literally can’t wear pants properly. He’s just terrible at everything.


Yeah, corporations are always more efficient than bumbling government bureaucracies, right? Not. At. All.


It’s interesting that we never see the Duffer In Chief actually hitting a golf ball for all the days? weeks? months? he has spent out on the links. You would think there would be at least one “Watch this kick.” moment on video.