DOJ Standing Up Task Force To Address Surge In Threats Against Election Officials

The Department of Justice is setting up a task force to address the rising threats against election officials and administrators, something Attorney General Merrick Garland said would not have happened without news reports bringing the severity of the problem to his attention.

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To paraphrase: “Keep it up, Ruby Ridge.”


Any threat against an election official, worker, or volunteer is a threat to democracy and should be an up charge, such as with hate crimes, and conviction should result in mandatory jail time. None of this apologize, get probation, then go on Fox to spew hatred.


For the most part it’s election workers that are in and from the community. The people who run elections in the counties live there. So are these threats coming from people from the same community, or is someone doxing these folks?


I think a fair amount is coming from dangerous loons in the same community (or nearby communities). But also a nationwide thing reinforced by social media. So find all the locals, then find out who they’ve been talking to and how much they’ve been talking to one another.

Is it still a ballot-barring event for your party to support the violent overthrow of the government?


Monaco wrote. “We will promptly and vigorously prosecute offenders to protect the rights of American voters, to punish those who engage in this criminal behavior,…"

I’ll just use the computer at the library! You’ll never catch me!!! Or maybe my sister’s!! Ha, ha, ha!!


The Department of Justice is setting up a task force to address the rising threats against election officials and administrators

Tune in Sunday morning to see prominent Republicans scream in rage that it is so unfair that this protection denies their supporters the opportunity to "get off a clean shot"

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When they arrested Ross Ulbricht, aka Dread Pirate Roberts, operator of a dark web marketplace, he was using a computer at the library. They had an attractive female agent distract him while a team swooped in and nabbed his laptop still open.


That was an easy one, they just followed the Cheeto dust on the sidewalk from his apartment to the library.


Chicks, man……

I think this is hugely important. I’m probably not the only person who read recently (WaPo? Atlantic? Twitter? here?) that lots of election officials – who are volunteers, and often someone’s kindly grandparents – are calling it quits because of the vitriol and the threats. And there’s a whole gaggle of 5th column fascists waiting to step in and hijack those elections as election judges.

I’m speculating, but I suspect 2022 and 2024 are probably in pretty grave danger just because of this. One doesn’t have to flip many counties to change the election, especially if GOP suppression has resulted in just one or two polling places for a massive area (aka single point of failure).

Remember: the fascists are so close to kneecapping democracy that they can taste it. If they aren’t roundly defeated in both the next two elections, we will very probably watch Charles Koch write a new Constitution after his puppets in Congress and statehouses offer the U.S.'s unconditional surrender.


The task force is good, but it’s up to Democratic politicians (not Garland) to appropriately politicize the issue. Only one party is threatening elections officers and elections.