DOJ Head Of Election Crimes Branch Resigns After Barr Allows Baseless Voter Fraud Probes

A Justice Department career official who oversees the DOJ’s election crimes unit resigned on Monday night, several hours after Attorney General Bill Barr issued a new policy authorizing investigations into allegations of mass voter fraud and thus feeding into President Donald Trump’s undemocratic efforts to undermine President-elect Joe Biden’s legitimate victory.

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Officials need to stop resigning and start actively resisting.


I don’t disagree, but–how, exactly?

Meantime: this is a desperation move on the part of Fat Bill. He’s placating Orange Infant #1, and at the same time desperately trying to avoid further/additional exposure that could land him in jail after Jan 20. This move is dangerous, yes–but it’s also weak.


True, better to be fired for doing the right thing. But maybe he can sleep a bit better now.


Thank you Mr. Pilger for your courage and actions. Isolate and publicly challenge the Republican leadership and President. Hold them accountable. Front page headlines until Barr backs away. Active resistance while in office is not the way to proceed. Out of office, do everything possible to publicize and investigate the abuse of power by those who remain. Maintain the integrity of the process, despite what the Republicans are doing.


He should’ve stayed and slow walked anything that came in. Sooner or later they’ll find the true believers who are more than willing to grease the skids on the slide to fascism.


That’d be great if it worked. But we have very little knowledge of the inner workings of this.


Richard is a career official. His deputy, whom he leaves in charge of his office, is Bob Heberle, a prosecutor who came to Main Justice from Texas.

Both are decent people who have not shied away from holding Republicans accountable.

What their office can do now to thwart Barr remains to be seen.


True. Though I would imagine that it is a lot easier to fight this from the position of Director than from the outside. He could have also kept his powder dry and resigned in protest when they bring whatever dog and pony show they are preparing forward.


I think now would be a good time for every DOJ official who has a conscience to threaten to walk out. Bill Bar can’t do anything by himself.


See Cervantes above. And, I reiterate: we don’t know the inner workings of this and probably shouldn’t extrapolate what Pilger “should” have done, absent data.


I love the smell of desperation
Broke and scrounging
You can almost set your watch by the frequency .

I visited a few Red sites and twitter feed
The delusion is strong with them - indeed an alternate reality


Sounds like there will be a position for him in the Biden Administration.


Allegations made without any proof. “Evidence” will show up down the line. It’s what authoritarians call holding power against the will of the people. It is in fact an attempted coup d’état. The Democratic Party had best not assume Republicans will operate inside any norms or laws. Lawyer up folks.


Pilger didn’t resign from DOJ - he stepped down from his position as head of Election Crimes. The guy still needs to protect his job, as his career depends on finishing his tenure in civil service.

This doesn’t take anything away from the courage of his actions. Those insisting he could do more are blissfully unaware of how much damage the Trumpists in the Executive Branch can do to non-compliant career officials who don’t show the proper subservience.


Barr’s likely goal is to get into circulation the soundbite (and tweet) “substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities”, as if these are actually happening.


We all know how this ends. No evidence found, no charges filed, no election results reversed, Biden gets officially certified, Trump pardons everyone he thinks was loyal to him, resigns days before inaugural, Pence sworn in, pardons Trump, attends inaugural, Biden sworn in, Trump Nation 1.0/Tea Party 3.0 gets underway (Trump Nation was TP 2.0), here we go again.

Hopefully, Dems have learned their lesson and while perhaps making pretty bipartisan “healing” noises, stick a shiv in Repubs and try to kill them off for good, or at least emasculate them.


So on January 20 when Joe Biden is sworn in as president this standoff will stop. Because Joe will be the president and not stupid. And if we can take the two Senate seats and put the Democrats in as the majority in the Senate then Mitch McConnell will have to sit down and shut up. But until then. The inauguration may look different but there will be wine and we will swear Joe Biden is our president rest of shored stupid. All your temper tantrum‘s are for not.

Some thing was just pointed out to me I am amazed that Mitch McConnell causing graduate congratulate people who won elections that are on the same ticket for Joe Biden ran on and there’s supposed to be fraudulent. How does one do that? Mitch McConnell you have a lot of answering to do an over the next few years you will you and your wife. And then there’s Bill bar why he still has his license to practice law is beyond me he should be taken before the bar for what he’s doing. Evening His license to practice law.


I sincerely hope that Biden extends an invitation to rehire all those career civil servants that resigned in protest over the past 4 years.


Nancy? Chuck? Borrow a page from Repubs and launch an investigation of the investigator.