DNI Whistleblower Tip About Trump Phone Call Alarms Former Intel Officials | Talking Points Memo

The mystery over what a confidential intelligence community whistleblower is tying to tell Congress deepened late Wednesday, with multiple news outlets reporting that the complaint had to do with a call between the President and a foreign leader.

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The question, Donald, is whether you’re dumb enough to say something treasonous while being monitored. And the answer is yes.


All those tweets just boil down to “Moi?”


I don’t care precisely what dumb and treacherous thing Trump said. I already know him to be a criminal and a traitor. But what I do care about is Democrats getting to the bottom of this–and fast. This is a must-win. Do whatever it takes.


Our national security, military secrets and intelligence assets are being shopped and sold to the highest bidder to benefit the Trump Organization.

Sleazy and corrupt Trump Organization brownnoser Jerry Powell is turning the Federal Reserve into a piggy bank to siphon taxpayer funds to the Trump family.


Well, he certainly is dumb enough to be completely unaware that he had said something inappropriate. The empirical evidence for this is overwhelming.


Sure, Asha, but is it really consistent with Article 2 that the President be able to operate within that latitude in complete secrecy? If he is making assurances to foreign powers - especially ones whose strategic interests are at odds with ours - what do we make of that? Does the Constitution permit the President to enter into a “treaty-light” that circumvents the role of the Legislature?

Fuck me. We’ve moved from a lie-per-day to a scandal-per-day to a corrupt-act-per-day to a criminal-act-per-day to a full-blown Constitutional crisis per day.


This needs to be somehow leaked to the press immediately. The GOP will fight any effort to give this up willingly (keep ignoring subpoenas cause it works) and the Dem have shown NO ability to get any republican to comply with the law or customs.

If this sits in the dark for too long Trump and the GOP WILL define the narrative of this ‘scandal’ just like they did with Muller report, kavanaugh and every other scandal the Dems slow walk. You have to beat them by surprise! You can not let the GOP get out ahead of a story, since the GOP can manipulate the narrative, the language press uses in it’s reporting and the people so much better than the Dems.


How about we let the guy testify and find out! Whistleblowers already know that if they’re wrong, their career is effectively over, statutory protection notwithstanding. It might still be effectively over, wven if the whistleblower is right. There’s no incentive to make frivolous accusations. So let’s hear it.


“is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially “heavily populated” call”

Me! I am! I’m completely fucking retarded with believing you’d say stupid corrupt shit!!!

/$1 in the jar


“not designed to address, expose, or neutralize a national security threat” when the president himself is the threat.

It’s called impeachment.


“dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially ‘heavily populated’ call.”

Release the recording of the phone call. That will clear this matter right up.


This is truly amazing stuff. Tweetapotomus is actually arguing that it’s utterly unfathomable that he’d say something dumb. I’m going to be flying around in my ROFLcopter all fucking day on this one.


Okay, so how are the TPM bets running for the party on the other end of the line? It’s gotta be Netanyahu, MbS, or Putin, right? Roughly in that order of likelihood by my estimation.


If anyone gets to the heart of the problem he’s going to blow it off as a joke or a wise crack.


Nunes emerged without commenting.


“For national security lawyers in town, the question is why DNI Maguire did not invoke the muzzle Congress has given him,” Meyer said, adding that “for some reason, confrontation with [Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael] Atkinson and Schiff was the chosen path.”

It assumes Maguire understands his position and his options, which is not a given with Trump appointees.


As he jumps into Uber heading to White House…


If nobody is saying anything when they walk out of this meeting it’s got to be pretty serious.


Seems like a lifetime ago but I would not be surprised.


Soooo, Trump knows what it is and has admitted as much in his tweets by identifying that it happened during a phone call.