Discussion: Young Sanders Supporter Drops F-Bomb On MSNBC

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On the BBC, they call each other cunts and twats. Big woop.


Oh golly!

He’s no better than Hitler!

Concorde! Break out my fainting couch!

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This is one thing voters should get behind in this election. It is not right to send our young men and women into war and other danger and, after they get hurt, have no plan to help them or, worse, have a poorly managed plan that creates the kinds of scenarios this young man cited.

I don’t blame him for being mad. He and others like him gave their all for us. What have we done for them in return?


Yes, but this is the modern world. Nobody has much of a problem with your advocating genocide. As long as you don’t swear while doing so.


Apocalypse Now Redux.

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Watched this happen live, it was great.




It was my favorite moment so far. At least it gave us a break from hearing them yammer on about “Democracy in action.”

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I wonder what this caucuser and others would say about MSNBC?

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I agree completely. How about we worry less about a vet saying “fuck” on TV, and instead investigate and hold accountable the assholes that got us into an unnecessary war that caused so much suffering and do many disabled vets in the first place?


Dearie me, pass the smelling salts.

Only in America can you watch live footage of the latest gun massacre, and film movies depicting the most grotesque dismemberment and torture of people (and call it “thriller” or “horror”), but drop one fucking curse word or see one boob and everyone flips out.


I was very annoyed at the silly tittering about that. Honestly, I didn’t even pick up on it until the common taters started snickering about it as if it were even noteworthy.

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Wrong Headed Headline on this article. Should have been “Vet says what’s really wrong with VA!”