Discussion: WSJ Says Institutionalized Racism 'No Longer Exists' In Charleston Shooting Editorial

No institutionalized racism? That is an outright LIE – and they know it. Here’s but one recent example – after Michael Brown was killed, if was widely reported that Ferguson and surrounding municipalities of St Louis had been extorting spurious traffic fines from poor black citizens to fund local government.


Wow. Just Wow. I had no idea that WSJ stood for White Supremacy Justification.


From the 2012 election, Media Matters:

“The Wall Street Journal’s failure to disclose that 10 of its op-ed writers are Mitt Romney advisers has drawn criticism from veteran editorial page editors at some of the nation’s top newspapers.”

What do they know about Institutionalism?


Ugh. I’ve been reading this right wing denial shit for 2 days and I’m HULK SMASH angry at this point. I would like to visit the WSJ newsroom and throw all their computers out the window.


And not even lowered to half mast when rest of the flags are. That was/is truly stunning.

Don't Blame 'Institutionalized Racism*' — It 'No Longer Exists'


"It is no small solace that in committing such an act today, he stands alone."

Dear WSJ Editorial Board:

Go read the comments at RedState,com. It may not be institutionalized, but most of the people there should be.

Yours truly,

The sane world

By institutionalized racism no longer exists they mean that the federal government, the military, public schools, national sports leagues and the like are no longer segregated. What it really means is that the racism that used to be institutionalized has simply gone underground where it festers out of sight until it erupts in cross burnings, church bombings, or some nutzo with a .45 who wants to start a race war. Institutions simply passively condone it through symbolism:


The Wall Street Journal editorial added that Roof “brings to mind the mentally troubled young men who committed horrific mass murders” in places like Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado.**

…and which Republican president emptied mental institutions back in the '80’s ???


Hmmm…A pattern to remove the wsj stupidity…


“Today the system and philosophy of institutionalized racism identified by Dr. King no longer exists.”

In as much fairness I could muster for the WSJ, the full quote identifies the system and philosophy identified by Dr. King, which doesn’t exist any longer. It is a much more subtle form.


I remember when the guys at the WSJ were remodeling their main meeting room. They ran low on lumber mid-project. I sold them a board stretcher.

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Hence my footnote.

Oh, and on edit, there are still many deeds for post-war government subsidized middle-class housing projects that forbid sales to those people. They are not enforceable in court, obviously, but the segregation by geography and wealth that we see today stems in large part from this institutionalized racism. So only if you carefully define “institutionalized” as excluding this form of racism can you make that narrow claim, and, as such, it really doesn’t have much explanatory or exculpatory value.


Sir Ronald Raygun! What do I win?

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This guy spoke openly about his racism, often. High school friends say he liked to tell racist jokes. Yet they remained friends-this is institutional racism, where the majority culture tolerates hate like it just doesn’t matter. Do you think this might have turned out differently if his friends had told him they would not tolerate his hate? But they didn;t. They accepted it, and him.

His roommate heard him speak, for 6 months, and trying to start a civil war by killing blacks. He didn’t think much of it. He thought it was just “Southern Pride.” Which is just another word for institutional racism. That the WSJ and the Supreme Court refuse to recognise it for what it is doesn’t mean it is not what it is. It is America’s Original Sin. Christians, especially Southern ones, would do well to focus on eliminating the sin of racism the way they go after abortion and gays. But they don’t. They tolerate it. They defend cops caught on tape shooting an unarmed kid with a toy gun, or throwing a 15 year old girl to the ground. Then they act surprised when one of their friends chooses a 2nd amendment solution to express the hate they tolerate.


…an endless supply of mute buttons for your remote control.

Wish remotes had programmable 'skip ’ buttons .

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“What causes young men such as Dylann Roof to erupt in homicidal rage, whatever their motivation, is a problem that defies explanation beyond the reality that evil still stalks humanity,”

What causes young men such as Dylann Roof to erupt in homicidal rage, whatever their motivation, is a problem that defies explanation beyond the reality that he just spent 1/3 of his young life, from ages 14-21, immersed in the culture of a southern state famous for racism and discrimination, and which has been at the forefront of The Great White Conservative Freakout that began on November 4, 2008.

FIFY, you racist enabler fucks


LOL +10, loved it

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Would anyone expect anything else from a Rupert Murdoch owned organization? It’s grotesque!

Thanks. I did a bunch of research on the subject ages ago, and the pattern is that, aside from some form of trauma triggering an event (which is common with almost all mass shootings), mental illness is rarely a contributing factor. Of course, one place in England decided to try giving criminals psychological therapy while they were incarcerated and discovered that many criminals had some psychological trauma to their past and working on it helped, but none of what they had rose to what we would term mental illness (schizophrenia, Asperger’s).

Well, I guess that settles that.

It’'s just plain stunning. These racists just don’t even try, anymore.

This bullshit is what passes for intellectual thought from a national newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Hope that clears it up for you.

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