Discussion: Woman Who Urged Boyfriend To Commit Suicide Found Guilty Of Manslaughter

She is one very disturbed human being. She should have gotten jail time.

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She may, the sentencing hearing is August 3rd…

A disturbed teenager should get jail time? Think it through.

The American obsession with locking people up accomplishes nothing. Europe incarcerates far fewer people, and for much shorter sentences, yet their murder rates are around one-fourth of ours.

Why not? Her acts were heinous. I would want to get her off the street. It is up to her to mitigate. I think I heard she was on some sort of medication that may have suppressed her ability to empathize, if she believes she doesn’t need jail time she should convince the court.

One thing is for sure, our current mental health system is so screwed up there is little to believe she would be helped if institutionalized.

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I have problems with this in a big way. Suicide is suicide and it’s my considered belief that no one can force anyone to commit suicide.

Talk about an abstract inchoate crime here - it redefines manslaughter.

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A ruling of manslaughter via text is a step down a dangerous path.

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It really is. We’re getting close to a thought crime/word crime here and I just think they made an incredible leap across a chasm actually that was there for a reason.

It’s disturbing as fuck to me.

Of course for the rabid feminists among us, it’s all the boy’s fault. Emotional abuse is something women do all the time, and they are good at it. Can’t make that illegal, only stuff men do should be illegal. I wonder what the feminist attitude would be if the boy had convinced, and actually helped the girl commit suicide. They’d want the boy executed. Or they’d call it some sort of rape. But a girl helps a boy commit suicide, and that’s A-OK in the feminist’s world.

I have no idea what you are talking about.

I don’t recall a man being charged with forcing a woman to commit suicide. My reaction to that would be exactly the same as this. Gender is not an issue of what I was talking about and what @ottnott was talking about.

We’re talking about the nature of the charged offense which has nothing whatsoever to do with gender.

A woman caused a boy’s death, and you’re outraged that she might see jail time for it.

You are just looking for an argument and won’t see exactly what Ottnott and I were talking about so you are free to talk to yourself - it’s not even close to what we were talking about.

Sticks and stones and all that? The reports of her words were pretty extreme. Maybe it is time that we recognized that words can really damage.

I actually agree with you in the normal case, but this was beyond normal. Sometimes the law evolves.

Sure, you want to go there? What happens to the First Amendment under those circumstances and where will that bright line be drawn on words - the results? That’s ass backwards.

The whole thing is. I do not like inchoate crimes to start with and this takes it another step away from the actual cause of death. They better change it if they are going to hold her responsible.

This is one fucking slippery steep ass slope.

At one point the victim crawled out of the car, seeming to change his mind. At that point his capacity was already diminished by the gas. She talked him into getting back in. She wanted him to die.

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Wanting someone to die is not a crime. Yet.

But taking steps to see that wish fulfilled is. The difference is she didn’t touch him.

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If you think that words are “steps” then why don’t you think “money” is “speech.”

It’s not this case - the facts are heinous alright; it’s the next one and the one after that. If you think it is fine to be charged with murder for words, ok. Better mind what you say.

Not sure, but the law evolves. A generation ago a husband couldn’t rape his wife. Now it is a crime as it should be. The lawyers a generation older than me didn’t like that change at all. The law evolves.

That’s an act.

That’s not just words.