Discussion: Woman Shouts Down Florida Gov. Rick Scott In Starbucks: 'You're An A*shole!' (VIDEO)

For gods’ sake get it on video, and don’t forget to hold your phone horizontally!

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Thus ends the political career of Rick “Asshole” Scott. Anytime he runs for office from now on this video will resurface and his venal and cowardice will be on display.

Anyone know which Starbucks are frequented by Trump and Cruz? How about Brownback and some other upstanding assholes, er, citizens? Does the DNC have a travel budget, does Debbie W-Schultz even have a clue? Cara should get her job right now, it would be the best one Rick A. Scott ever created.

Cockroach meet sunlight!


First of all the number of jobs is a useless figure unless it’s pegged against the national average. Not sure how that works out but I’m guessing it’s not in the Cadaver’s favor. Lehman Brothel ex-exec Jockich in Ohio should learn that lesson.

This is awesome and I hope the governor burns in f*ckin H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. The only thing I would have liked, like a cherry on a Sundae, is ‘why don’t you take the fifth, governor, you are familiar with it’.

I just put in $5 to get her a cup of coffee and shared it on Facebook.

Love the jingling bell when Guv and his posse leave. Well played, madam.

I see a movie in the future: WHEN HAIRLESS MET SALTY LANGUAGE

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“I’ll have what she’s having!”


A double shot of whup ass with steamed courage.

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We call him Gov. Reich Scott.

Oh good, it wasn’t my sister. She’s recovering from heart surgery. I don’t want her to get upset at the sight of that jerk Scott.

It’s like a mixed-gender Thunderdome: “Two men [people] enter, one man leaves!” The winner gets to drink their coffee.