Discussion: Woman Shouts Down Florida Gov. Rick Scott In Starbucks: 'You're An A*shole!' (VIDEO)

That smug smirk of his, the red herring about jobs, and a duck-and-run behind his staffers.


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When he finds something that works for him, he sticks with it.

Now that would be totally sweet.

I like that Rick “The Alien” Scott immediately claimed credit for the increase in jobs, which has been happening all over the country and is generally attributed to national economic growth. It began with the stimulus package back at the beginning of the current administration. So, a shout-out to the Prez, Bat Boy?

Rick may have been smirking but his entourage looked confused and fearful.

Maybe the words this woman spoke got through their thick skulls.

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It will be a long time before we have another POTUS with Obama’s class and maturity. Now both dem candidates come somewhat close (I haven’t decided which to back yet) and both are smart and experienced but Obama has a rare ability to project dignity and sobriety that I really admire. He is always the adult in a conversation but also affords the other person respect.


Hello? Great job? Anybody? Hello?

It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.


“Scott and his entourage hustled out of the store without coffee in hand.”

Just like cockroaches seeking the cover of darkness. Gutless coward.


Fox: Left wing terrorist assaults elected Governor.


Looks like this woman has some history of working in government


You will not get an argument out of me. He is the best, the absolute finest and classiest President ever. JFK was pretty close

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Hey Rick, a man has to know his standing in society.

Next time, use the drive-thru. And put a hood on, just in case.

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The fine was $600M (per wikipedia), total cost of settlement approximately $2B.

I’m sorry for your loss: I hope her estate got a substantial malpractice settlement from the hospital. There is no excuse for sepsis in today’s hospitals: we know what causes it and we know how to prevent it.

Fun fact: Among the owners of Hospital Corporation of America are Thomas Frist, MD and Thomas Frist, Jr, MD. These are father and brother (respectively) of one William Frist, MD, former Senate Majority Leader. Turn over a slimy rock and watch the R’s scurrying away…

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Then to cap his visit he “bravely runs away.”

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Oh please let Rick Snyder and me end up in an elevator together. I also have a colorful vocabulary to use with that swine.


Are you kidding? Rick Scott’s a yellow-bellied imbecile!..

Kudos to her!..I’ll bust-out a street jitterbug if I was there.

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Community outreach expenses, without a doubt…and the irony of that won’t even sink in.

He left without his coffee! Couldn’t handle the heckler. Geez!

I started a Go Fund Me campaign (and apparently reveal My identity). Goal is $100 to buy this brave and very passionate lady a Starbucks gift card. Any extra funds would be donated to a central Florida community food and outreach center.

Donated $10. I don’t have much to give, but this is a cause I can get behind. I hope the campaign makes it to $100 and beyond!

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You go, girl!