Discussion: Woman Shoots Herself In The Leg At Marksmanship Competition

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Hmmmm… that was some feat!

Thinning the herd.


“Shoots Herself At Marksmanship Competition”

I assume she lost.


I trust that she got the ‘Most Creative Use of a Handgun’ award.

Is it a toy gun that plays “Wah wah waaaaaah” every time you pull the trigger?

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Is the gun okay?

Leaders in the Ranking of States on TPM with the Most Careless Firearm Incidents

Pennsylvania/Texas/ Florida (tied) - 8
South Carolina - 6
Indiana - 5
Arizona - 4
Alabama/ California/ Georgia/ Michigan/ New York/ Ohio/ Tennessee (tied) - 3


Just trying to get a leg up on the competition.


After proving she was not a responsible gun-owner-- the mistreated firearm was whisked away immediately from the clutches of Siegried Betterley-- by gun rescuers.

It will be released into the wild of a Bass Pro Shop later this afternoon.



“Betterly was taken to a local medical center with non-life threatening injuries, Davidson said.”

Clearly, she needs a bigger gun.

If there was a target on her leg was she awarded a bullseye?

The only way to stop a bad klutz with a gun is a good klutz with a gun!

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Oh my God, the tragic loss of that bullet. The NRA is having a funeral for it as we speak.

Why God !!! WHY??? That poor, innocent bullet …

♪Lay that pistol down, babe
Lay that pistol down
Pistol packing mama
Lay that pistol down♫
– Pistol Packin’ Mama by Al Dexter, 1942

Anyway, TPM left out the most important part of the source article:

“Investigators determined the shooting was accidental.”

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She didn’t miss, at least.

Sez her: “Hey, dolts, I was aimin’ at my leg! Yeah, that’s the ticket! I win!”

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A timed shooting contest? Does the winner get a trophy topped off with a little statue of Quickdraw McGraw.



She was aiming at her foot.