Discussion: Woman Says Mother Was Falsely Accused Of Helping Terrorist Groups

Discussion for article #233023

Well given that case against her mother…she’d better come up with something a bit better than lame denial.

The continuing belief of reporters that protestations of innocence from close blood relatives are newsworthy never fails to disgust me. For cripes sake, of course they do. There’s no point exposing them to public scorn and derision.

Close relatives who say a suspect is guilty–now that’s news.

This kind of nonsense does not help the Muslim cause. If every Muslim accused (and found guilty) of terrorist sympathies was gauged by their relatives protestations then they just suddenly went mad with no warning. They essentially reversed polarity. If this is the case then all Muslims are to be viewed with suspicion.

If these people are found to have done this the should be deported to ISIS controlled Syria. There has to be a ‘reward’ for supporting this scum.