Discussion: Witnesses: Shots That Struck Cops Didn't Come From Ferguson Protesters

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Ferguson has a grassy knoll


If you listen to the NBC raw video footage, the shots were fired after what appears to be a car horn honking. Some witnesses stated that the gunshots appeared to have been fired from a distance of at least approximately 220 feet,away from the protesters, yet the St. Louis County County Police Chief, Jon Belmar insisted that the shooting was due to someone “embedded” with the protesters. It’s time for Main Justice to really get to the bottom of this situation.



Black Op?


As it is the situation is ripe for frustrated individuals OR agent provocateurs. A “good ol boy” playing sniper could set off a massacre.

I’m not saying it happened here, but my own father-in-law was a member of Chicago’s Red Squad. He still brags about infiltrating peaceful protests and initiating violence to discredit the marchers (as well as framing black panthers and “commies”)


Nobody knows what the hell happened here yet, outside of the FUX Newsclowns.


If somebody hit officers at night from that distance they’re either lucky or a pretty decent shot. (Not sniper-level or anything like that, but definitely practiced and possibly trained.)

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False Flag!

220 feet doesn’t sound like much for a rifle. That’s less than 80 yards.


I’ve seen estimates of distance from 50 yards to 500 feet. Chief Belmar just said they found shell casings, hopefully they marked the spot so they can accurately measure the distance this time.


Two targets, at night, with a pistol from anywhere between 50 yards to 500 feet without hitting any of the protesters. I’d say it was someone who practices a lot.


Pistol? I did not see that in the story.


My very first thought.

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Chief Belmar just said in the press conference paraphrasing “they found shell casings, they’re not sure if they’re the ones from the shooting but he believes it was a pistol.” I don’t think shootings are common enough in Ferguson to have shell casing just laying around. I wish someone would’ve asked about the distance.


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Which is why top combat reporter Bill O’Reilly should be sent to Ferguson to investigate, with personal interviews with the protesters and then comprehensive field work behind the scenes.


Of course, the shots didn’t come from the demonstrators. Don’t understand even why they were protesting after Jackson finally resigned. Maybe a sense of relief? Well, that was short lived.

This sounds like a grudge killing. What a horrible state of affairs when cops and the kids hate each other so much that the only thing that makes sense to them is killing one another. I blame citizens for not registering and voting out the corruption before the state of affairs reached this point.

My best wishes go out to the cop from Webster Groves who was wounded trying to keep the peace between the waring factions in another city. If only the Ferguson police and court system had been professional enough not to harass people walking and driving within their community. If only Ferguson wasn’t set up only to collect fines to fund it’s police department.

Where was the sense of responsibility by the black middle class? Where was the white sense of justice? There has to be more pride in one’s community than this.


It is just plain wrong for the police chief to insinuate that the shots came from someone “embedded” with the protestors unless he has clear evidence to back it up. In fact, saying so in the face of contrary eyewitness evidence causes confusion that is detrimental to the cause of finding the dirtbag or dirtbags responsible.


Have loofah, Will Travel!

Jackson instilled that attitude throughout his department and apparently Belmar within the St. Louis County force as well? The rot seems to be prevalent throughout the region. That’s post-racial America for you, Mr. Chief Justice. The only one who seems to be blind to it is you.