Discussion: Witness: Ex-Guv McDonnell 'In Denial' About Wife's Mental Capacity

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Huff Lite here all day at TPMz but I must say I’m enjoying myself.


Talking about running Maureen over with the bus, backing over
her–then forcing her to stay in the same place while they park
the bus permanently over her.

It seems the guv was just cluelessly driving expensive sports cars that weren’t his own and wearing twenty thousand dollar watches he knew he couldn’t afford. But, Maureen was the problem. I wonder what she
gets for being the greedy,idiot, love struck loon?


Obviously, I’m not a lawyer but this seems a bad strategy. I get that McDonnell believes he can resurrect his political career if he isn’t convicted but this has slime ball written all over it. I realize you can’t convict someone for being an asshole yet I can’t imagine he’s doing himself any favors with the jury by so publicly trashing and humiliating his wife.
Despite all that’s so far been described as evidence of some sort of mental illness, none of it sounds like anything more than a mean, spoiled, power-hungry wife of a powerful man.


“Slimeball” is too mild. F*ing chickensht coward is closer to it.


Actually, its sounding like a pretty decent legal strategy. They are going to lay all the blame at her feet, then have both her and him testify that its not her fault…and thus the jury is left with doubt as to which one to blame.

So far, McDonnell isn’t actually saying anything about her. This is all from staffers. So the theory is, he isn’t driving the bus running her over…the staffers are. He is just watching the wheels go round and round.


Man, they are REALLY throwing her under the Bus in an all-out effort to keep this slime-ball out of Federal Prison.
He has every one of his sycophants singing the same tune: “It was all that Crazy Women’s Fault!”
I expect at some point she will turn on him and cut a deal with the prosecutors just to spite him.
“Hell Hath no Fury/Honor Among Thieves” and all that…


GOP Grifter Trial news headline: ex-Guv Goodhair throws wife under bus.


Oh damn, what to do now? There is money and a possible political future for me if I go this way. But if I dump the wife, what will god think? I really don’t want to give up the Rolex but giving up the wife seems so appropriate to save my butt and I can always find another wife if I want one later.
70/30 he dumps the wife. lol


Good strategy. If she’s crazy, they both stay out of jail. Yeah, everyone will know he’s a slimeball, but that’s OK for a future lobbyist.


“Scarbrough’s description of the relationship between Williams and the first lady may feed into the defense’s argument that there was a romantic connection between the two, precluding any conspiracy between the McDonnells to promote Williams’ company in exchange for gifts.”

Why did he cash all of those checks and accept the gifts?


That bitch crazy…

But she sure is entertaining.


No, he’s not saying anything (yet) but if this feels as creepy and dirty to a casual observer, I can’t imagine how gross it comes across to a jury. Since he was the governor and the one in power, the testimony being elicited from the witnesses by the attorneys might as well be coming from his own mouth.


Some pundit was saying that the only reason McDonnell didn’t take the sweet deal offered to him by prosecutors was because he didn’t want the conviction on his record. He still thinks he has a shot at running for something (!) and doesn’t want to ruin it by being convicted. The belief that a pol can come back after a scandal of this magnitude is apparently a mental illness that afflicts all RGA chairmen.


Half the vaginal probe in the divorce?


Typical Christian Freakshow Marriage.


Rich straight men do NOT go clothes shopping with their mistresses. That’s what gay besties are for.

I guess poor Maureen didn’t have one of those, either,

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Look closely at the story they are weaving. McConnell was/is blindly in love with his wife (in denial about her mental capacity). She had a reputation for doing things, not only without his approval, but against his wishes and using his name without his knowledge.

Basically, they are going to say its all her doing. And while its very sad she suffers from such problems, hey, she wasn’t the Governor, he was. He just made the mistake of loving a troubled woman while in office and she took advantage of that (through no overt fault of her own, of course…she has 'issues").You can’t lock him for that, he needs to be with her now more than ever to help her recover.

Its a crock of course, but I believe that is the story they are trying to sell.

And its a strategy that is perfectly in keeping with the notion that he still has political aspirations. And if he can skate away from a conviction AND paint himself as a man who loves his wife through all sorts of troubles, well…that will become part of the next campaign, too.


My guess is she is totally on board with this strategy. She is never going to run for any office, so why should she care? As long as he walks, she continues to live the high life.


So that’s they’re defense? he was shtupping her?

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