Discussion: With Baldwin Now Opposing Weiss Confirmation, He'll Need GOP Votes

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Well, I am guessing this puts many Rs in a quandary. Should they ever consider voting for anyone the President nominated? or Does it make a larger oppositional statement to stand with Dems who are opposing their own President? What’s an obstructionist to do???

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They don’t have to do anything. Obama is going to be forced to withdraw the nomination by his own party.

And as I said yesterday, this will serve as confirmation that Obama is indeed a lame duck now. He his having his nominee shot down by his own people. You can’t get much lamer than that.

Will this come down to an exchange of the Dodd-Frank piece for Weiss’ confirmation?

Love my senator! Well … this one. Not the other one … you know, the stupid one.

Based on his record and qualifications as a Wall Street investment banker I don’t have confidence that he will work to even the playing field for middle class families and small businesses who need a fair shot to get ahead. With Wall Street lobbyists and Republicans working harder than ever to gut the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law, working families need public servants who are committed to remembering the hard lessons of the financial crisis.

What does this mean? How does an Administration get someone to regulate Wall Street who hasn’t been on Wall Street? Are we ruling out everyone who has ever worked on the Street? This seems ludicrous.

I can’t wait to see whether Tammy and the other spineless wonders vote to gut the same Dodd-Frank Act by approving the budget bill, which includes a rider allowing the big banks to get back into derivatives again.

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No, only the ones who have worked to damage our country.

You see the only people who are qualified, like Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin, must have spent their entire adult lives working in either academia or holding political office. Those who actually worked in the private sector aren’t qualified for anything but contempt.

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Hey, Senators! We’re watching!

I don’t expect better from Toomey, but Casey better get on the right side of history, and pronto. He’s skatin’ on thin ice already…

You are right, of course. I was just assuming the nominee would go for a vote but withdrawing the name is the logical step. And the impact of lame-duck status is really sad.

Rather eye brow raising, I’d say. I don’t ever remember any President’s party turning on him this quickly after losing a midterm and becoming a lame duck.

Oh, please. You deliberately conflate Sen. Warren’s criticism of Mr. Weiss’ woeful lack of relevant experience to the position to which he’s been nominated with a general criticism of private sector experience which she never voiced.

Would you therefore support the appointment of a Pharmacist to run the emergency department of your local Hospital? A Chiropractor its Surgery Department?

No they cite his experience in this field as what disqualifies him. Liberals, like Warren and Baldwin, believe a life in academia and public office qualifies a person. Look at the left they actually want to hire a school teacher, Sen Warren, to be President.