Discussion: Winner Of S.D. Town's Mayoral Race To Be Determined By Luck Of The Draw

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Days of politicking, hours and hours of stuffing brochures and mailers into envelopes, nights with little sleep, door-to-door campaigning and it all boils down to cutting an ace from a pack of cards.

Platte’s motto: “It’s possible in Platte…if you roll a ‘6’.”

I’ve driven through Platte. Not only is the place named after the misspelling of some guy’s name, it’s a big ‘who cares?’ with a park.

Luck of the draw? I want to see a double-shot-espresso-drinking contest until the loser collapses from system-wide neural collapse or a burst bladder.

What??? Drawing lots? This is South Dakota. I say pistols at 10 paces.

Dog bites man. Ties in local races happen dozens of times every election cycle. Usually resolved with a coin toss rather than cards or dice, but other than that, nothing to see here.


What? No hand grenades?

“On Thursday, the candidates, incumbent Mayor Rick Gustad and former Platte Police Chief Steve Christensen, will chose between a card draw and a dice roll to determine the outcome of the race.”

Gustad: “Cards.”
Christensen: “Dice.”


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