Discussion: Wilmore To Biden: Maybe You Should Have Wooed The Campaign First (VIDEO)

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I’m pretty disappointed in Biden. If he wasn’t going to even try, he might have told us that earlier. His poignant interview with Colbert was in early September. By 1 October he should already have been not just finishing his decision-making process, but announcing the result. I would have preferred “Yes”, but “No” would have been fine, without the Hamletry. Letting the debate slip by was ridiculous.

He doesn’t owe anyone outside his family an explanation, he just lost another child, so stop whining.

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I am glad to hear that he declined to enter the fray. The circus tent is barely big enough to hold all of the current ringmasters. I think Joe Biden is a decent guy, but I’m not convinced that he is suited for the presidency. Plus, I still haven’t got past his support for Clarence Thomas on the SCOTUS.

I think these are both important insights.

He can talk beautifully, but I am also not convinced. Reports are that he’s a bit less than perfectly organized in some situations. I may be accused of whining again and that’s fine, but the endgame of his non-candidacy may be an example of that. As late as Monday, he was asking basic questions of colleagues that really confused people on his planned campaign.

The Clarence Thomas thing is difficult, yes.