Discussion: Will Misha 10 Units Flip? Let's Game This Out

If the Feds will agree to protection from the Russians …

he’ll flip like a Vegas dealer —

I think he’s more worried about them than donnie —


He knows Trump’s loyalty isn’t worth a thing. Ya, he will take a deal from the Feds.
Wow, I did not realize we can comment on Josh’s edblog stuff. Cool.

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“Misha 10 Units” ??? WTF ???

Somebody please explain, thanks…

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Yeah, I got here from Google (‘Misha 10 Units’). Had no idea there was a way to comment on Josh’s Editor’s Blog. Is there a link on the front page I’m not seeing? Also where’d Misha 10 Units come from?

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Well I can come with a wild guess, it’s Michael Cohen’s nickname among his Russian cigar smoking friends

Misha is the diminutive of Mihail == Michael , so little Mike,

10 Units :10 apartments in Trump properties…


Yes, that would be my guess as well but where did it first appear (in public) or transcripts? What? It is virtually not showing any prior use in Google. Did Josh come up with this?

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Probably Josh or one of his crack team of (mostly female) reporters…

K. Great. Now how do we get here in the future?

Going to the very bottom of ANY comment page … there is this –

ere are 429 unread and 6 new topics remaining, or browse other topics in TPM Article Topics

If you click on " TPM Article Topics " it will take you to the category page …
You can access all comment forums from there —

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Seems a long ways around instead of the tried, true and handy link from the article page.

yep… and what if that is ’ missing ’ ? ? …

I’m not sure what we’re talking about. If the link is missing one would assume comments cannot be made for that article. I’m not alone in making that assumption on the editor’s blog.

There is a difference in a missing ’ link ’ —
and an entire missing ’ comment section ’ …

If an entire section doesn’t exist … how would one link to it ? ? …

You are correct in that Josh’s blog does not often even have a comment option…
He has been offering that more and more …

I guess I was referring to the main news page article …last Fri. I think …
where there was a comment thread active but no one could navigate there
cause they just ’ forgot ’ to add the link on the article page …

he he … not the first time —

This is an interesting Misha/Sean article

Michael Cohen case shines light on Sean Hannity’s property empire
Fox News host who said Trump’s fixer ‘knows real estate’ has a portfolio that includes support from Department of Housing and Urban Development, a fact he did not mention when interviewing secretary Ben Carson last year