Discussion: Will 2016 Give Us Badass Hillary Or Soccer Mom Hillary?

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Does it matter which Hillary emerges? Can’t a woman be more than one thing?

Frankly I don’t care which Hillary the media defines. I only know that the GOP has become the party of hate, fear and ignorance, and I will vote for whomever runs against it.


My main concern is that we do in fact get “ass-kicking” Hillary, and that the kicking she does is anywhere overseas. I’m not sure if it is indicative of her character, or was a calculated attempt to compensate for what she might have needlessly felt was a gender-related issue that she needed to address, but between her vote for the Iraq war, her push (against Gates’ better judgement) to pursue regime change in Libya, and her support for lethal aid to the Syrian rebels, she has a record of being in favor of military intervention overseas, especially in the Middle East. It’s more than clear now that all three interventions (two real, one avoided) did or would have worsened our security position, so perhaps she has learned a few lessons, but I will be carefully parsing her comments on foreign policy to try and detect a softening in her hawkishness. If it was calculated and can quickly be jettisoned, great; if it is intrinsic to her personality and world view, that could get us in trouble.


I for one would like to hear her address,a couple of things that effects us all in our day to day lives.This insane financial obligation that the Postal Service is under,which is hampering them to no end.The cutting of funding for the Internal Revenue Service(if you have called them during this tax season and can’t get through)thank the republican lead congress.Talk about things that “WE” feel here on the ground.PLEASE !!


Which media will we get, the one that rushes to put simplistic labels on her, or one that discusses the issues?


Hillary, if you’re reading: I’d prefer the bitch who gets things done … a smart, compassionate badass bitch. Thank you.


Very true. The USPS has closed so many offices and sorting facilities in the last decade – and it does affect many of us. The IRS issue goes without saying; if they don’t have the trained staff, they will never be able to properly police the Mitt Romneys of the United States.


I know one thing. If she identifies as a woman, she’ll lose. The feminists have really primed the waters (in a negative way) for her. Why can’t she just be a competent, caring PERSON? That’s how she wins. If she tries to act (in any way), she’ll lose. The right will make her struggle. If she looks like she’s struggling - bad news. Don’t react to the BS (and there is going to be plenty of that). Act like the strong competent person she is.

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As an outsider, is there any way President Obama can get a 3rd term? (I know really, of course, just dreaming).


According to many on the ‘right’ , POTUS Obama isn’t leaving so all these announcements have no meaning. “Lawless” Obama is king and will be president forever !


She’ll do one. People will complain. She’ll do another. People will complain.

Scott Walker and Jeb Bush will do the same and people will say they’re “Confident” “Strong-willed” and “Driven”.


And this is one of the issues that really sticks for me:

It won’t make a goddamn bit of difference which Dem wins the WH if Congress is controlled by the Rethugs. America really only has one political party and one cult.

It just wont make a difference. She’ll run into the SAME exact buzz saw PBO did. Doesn’t matter if she’s a bitch or not.


Whatever bullsh*t labels and ridiculous observations about her hair, wardrobe, makeup…etc. the MSM wants to dwell on, the amazing transformation comes on November 8th, 2016___That’s when millions of loathsome raging Republican Con and Rightie Bagger racists turn into loathsome raging sexists. I can’t wait! My schadenfreude cup will run over!

In the meantime, I will settle for the hilarity of the GOP’s OldeWhiteMan Comedy Tour 2016…“Where Brain Cells Go When They Die.”


Oh please, another person trying to tell Hillary who she should be, how she should act. I think that Hillary should be the Hillary who got 18 million voters to support her. That is the Hillary I see today.


This Hillary: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/47009939/ns/technology_and_science-wireless/t/clinton-embraces-texts-hillary-web-parody/#.VSu4upPR-rN

Loved the Rightie Wingnuttery’s total, and wholly expected, impotent and rage-fueled freakout yesterday across the blogosphere after the announcement…right down to vast conspiracy theories over her new logo! rotfl
A good summary would be: uhhhhh, uhhhhh, she’s …uhhhhhh

Those folks are going to have a moment when the 2016 election actually happens.

Uh-oh. When ever a publication use the term “badass” that usually means that nothing really is going on.

Yeah OK…but let’s not go overboard on the badass shit. I don’t want Hillary to be anything like that ball-busting, hog-tying, pig-neutering freak Joni Ernst in the “I am woman, hear me roar” department. A little less of that too, please. Or maybe I’m not getting what this author is suggesting. That’s probable…I haven’t had my morning coffee yet.

Soccer mom Hillary is too thirsty and it turns voters off.

As Marco Rubio has shown, one can never be too thirsty! Stay thirsty, my friend!!! :wink: