Discussion: WI Dems Request DOJ Poll Monitors After Voter ID Chaos, 'Rigged Election' Talk

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This is responsible behavior compared to the request by the PA GOP to have non-resident ‘citizen’ observers.


The GOP must be absolutely tearing itself apart at the seams internally, if all of their stupidity is bubbling to the surface like this.

About friggin’ time…


In related news about crooked Rs from WI, the House is preparing for years of investigations of Clinton, and this tactic is approved by Ryan, and Chaffetz UT is drooling at the prospect.

@zsak The Rs will be seeking revenge for an election they think they should have won. If that was the thinking, they should’ve nominated someone who was electable instead of an upright clown car


In a motion filed in New Jersey federal court on Wednesday, the Democratic National Committee charges that the RNC has violated the consent decree “by supporting and enabling the efforts of the Republican candidate for President, Donald J. Trump, as well as his campaign and advisors, to intimidate and discourage minority voters from voting in the 2016 Presidential Election.”

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PleaSe ohbUmmer helP us riG the EleCtion by encouraging No-iD votIng allowIng LibTardS and deaDs to vote hunDreds of Times


The clown car that they dog-whistled along has graduated into Trump with a megaphone.


If the Dems capture the Senate, Clinton can tell the House GOP to go fuck themselves. “Impeach THIS, pussies!”


I’m thinking that pretty soon someone at the campaign is going out to point out the rigged aspect of asking help from a Federal agency headed by a black woman and a woman with a name that clearly originated in another country, making her one of those immigrants who shouldn’t be here…


Well if these reports were coming out of OK I’d say the fracking fluid has seeped into the water supply, but WI is all Koch all the time.


“No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.” – Lily Tomlin


Clown car? Yes. But, upright? I dunno. It looks and sounds to me like it’s lyin’.


My 93 year old mother in Wisconsin – having voted Republican (mostly) in every primary and election for 72 years! – had misplaced her expired drivers license and expired passport. It took two rips to the DMV (now with reduced hours and only two days/week!) and two trips to City Hall, she got to early vote yesterday. Amazingly she had her birth certificate and marriage certificate at hand. Now she muses that that voter ID law which she supported is actually designed to discourage voting, and she understands the difficulty in continuing to exercise her rights. And only because she started early and had the resources for motivation and logistics.


This is absurd. No wonder people are distrustful of this system. In Sweden, for example, registration of everyone is automatic so the eligible voter pool and registered voter pool are essentially the same and unlike the US where registration itself can be a hurdle. For Swedes, voter turnout below 80% in a major election is considered low. In the US, 70% of registered voters showing up is considered excellent.

But not only do we have to have people monitor us as we deal with hackable electronic voting machines, but we have no idea what we voted for in many cases. I voted in California and this year’s propositions and bond issues were about par for the course. The innovation in this reading test has become being able to distinguish between competing ballot initiatives, or sometime just figuring out what a proposition is about. I have lawyer friends that have trouble making heads or tails of some proposition language. Why should such nuance be expected of an average person?

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As dumb as a lot of Trump voters probably are this might backfire and keep a lot of them from voting.