Discussion: Why Republicans Can't Quit The Government Shutdown Game

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BRING IT ON LUNATICS! Go ahead and badly misread that meager win in the elections, with the lowest voter turnout since WWII. We Dems have been counting on you fools doing just that since before the election.


They want U.S govt down! if have gov shutdown . people will start civil war!



We’ve seen this movie before.

On February 9, 1950, Joseph McCarthy, a Republican Senator from Wisconsin, claimed that he had a list of 205 State Department employees who were Communists. While he offered little proof, the claims gained the Senator great notoriety. In June, Senator Margaret Chase Smith of Maine and six fellow Republicans issued a “Declaration of Conscience” asserting that because of McCarthy’s tactics, the Senate had been “debased to the level of a forum for hate and character assassination.”


The Repubs aren’t worried about a shutdown , they and ALL politicians still get paid . It’s the people that won’t be paid .


Shut it down if you have the balls which you don’t and top it off with impeachment that would put Boner and Mitch’s underwear in a knot


Have to disagree with Hatch; it’s not up to the leadership, unless you consider the gang of clowns like King and Cruz to be the leadership.


The reason they can’t quit the government shutdown game is because it’s one thing that doesn’t personally affect them. They’ll still get their $190,000 annual salary whether they tan themselves in a Washington salon or tan themselves on the beaches of Monaco. (That’s their job – to vacation.)

So, essentially, the America people are hostages of the Republican Party, and “negotiation” consists of everyone accepting the hostage takers demands. The incredible irony here is that Republicans are threatening to shoot business owners unless we leave illegal immigrants alone.


Shut down the government. Block immigration reform. (especially for the browns and blacks and kick out the asians, too). Cut SNAP to the bone and get those bums off unemployment. Get rid of Head Start and stop feeding those kids free lunches at school. Put more cops on the city streets. Starve the Others. Make them go away. Build a wall. Wipe them out. Anyone who is left, ask for their vote.


Go ahead, GOP. Lead with your highly polished chins.


“Both parties need to sit on the table and work it out, but if he’s going to go his own way then we have to use whatever tools we have to use.”

Sort of like they did when the Senate passed the Immigration Reform bill? And then your side decided to go its own way and do absolutely nothing with it.

So now Obama is planning to use whatever tools he has to use to finish what you and yours are too craven to do.

The real bottom line here is the mean spirited assholes you hang with just love to destroy things.


I, for one, am absolutely over the moon on this one. Let the Grumpy Old Party shut down the Government which they cannot run as many times as they like between now and 2016.
Let them be naturally stupid, as usual, and watch their electability plummet for two entire years before the next election.
Now this collection of nutbars and bomb throwers has to govern.
Please, oh please let their first major act be to shut down the Government, and prove to everyone that the nuts from the GOP can’t hack it.
Hands down the best argument for the Diffident Party in 2016.


And Susan Collins will do what she’s always done in the Senate–be a rubber stamp for Mitch McConnell and keep reciting Republican talking points.


The Republicans are going to go for the Monty Python Silly Party Trifecta!

  1. Government Shutdowns
  2. Impeachment
  3. Default on the debt.

And they’ll still get re-elected thanks to Citizens United and the corrupted Supreme Court.


Welcome to J E O P A R T Y !!!

You’ve chosen the category “Health and Wellness”, a tricky category that has tripped up many a past Jeoparty contestant. Let’s see if you can do better. Good luck.

The answer is: Government shutdown.

And the correct question is:
When will ISIL attack?


This is what you get when you home-school the kids and get all your knowledge from a fairy tale book called a bible.


The teapots are afraid they’re going to be relegated to the “dustbin” of history–try the looney bin.


The issue is, I do not know the polling on this issue, but most of the GOP wins were by very low turn out in normally red states. There were some wins in purple states, but generally the public backlash would not be there. Other than the base.

I imagine that the general public may or may not be supportive of this sort of action. I honestly do not know. I know it would be harder to defend than the law, but I think the people in general are supportive of the government doing things.

If Congress would have acted on this at any point and in any way. This action would not be needed. Congressional action is still needed as the president’s ability here is limited. It is DOA in the upcoming Congress though. As we already saw the House refuse to have anything to do with it after the Senate bill passed.


It’s fun to believe there would be a backlash.
I’m not counting on it.
This insane hatred of “moochers” and “illegals” [read blacks and Hispanics] is at an all-time high.

We’re told that Poppy Bush and Saint Ronnie both used XO’s to do exactly what Obama plans to do.
Only some liberal journalists have mentioned it.
Not likely we’ll hear that on Fox ever.


I recall Joe McCarthy vividly. Can’t tell you about much something about Cruz’s aspect reminds me of the late senator.

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