Discussion: Why Do Millions Of Obamacare-Eligible People Think They Don't Qualify?

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For the same reasons that millions of people think that global warming is a hoax, that cutting taxes for the rich always results in job creation, that people still even listen to Sarah Palin, that guns are the solution to gun violence.

The GOTP and the right wing media in the U.S. are a huge producer of bullshit and the MSM doesn’t have the balls to call them out on it.


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Why did millions of Americans stay home November 4, 2014?


Why did Floridians reelect a healthcare swindling felon who’s done everything possible to make Obamacare hard to get?


Our so-called “liberal media” has also been too shy to accurately point out the facts of the ACA… They have consistently treated the ACA as a political issue, complete with controversies and ‘he said-she said’. Where were the straightforward articles along the lines of 'The ACA- What You Need to Know and What You Need To Do Before Enrollment Ends? To treat the ACA like other new laws such as changes in IRS regulations would open the media to charges of “promoting” the Obama administration priorities. No - it would be responsible reporting of the law and how it legally and economically affects the US citizenry.


“It’s not explained well anywhere,” she said. “Most people have no idea.”

It IS explained well, but then UNEXPLAINED by Fox News, and every elected Republican nationwide. If you choose to listen to these scoundrels, you could actually DIE! I’m unmoved by the plight of the moronic, it’s up to all of us to remain actively engaged. The price of being led by liars is very high, as we see here.


Because they are more interested in things like under-inflated footballs and the final play of the Super Bowl than they are in their own future and the future of the country…And that is EXACTLY how the wealthy and Big Business want the general population to behave…


You can’t blame big corporations, “liberal media”, for acting like big corporations… We are the ones who allow them to continue on their quest for more money, power, and control…

We, as a population, are stupid…

…and your solution is?

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Could it be because the Death Panels–ie the Republican lie machine–gave them that idea? Remember the Republican mantra to sick and poor Americans: die already.


“called the state’s Medicaid office, and they had told her that she didn’t qualify”

2 + 2


“‘Why didn’t anybody tell me?’” Because you live in a red state. Sucks 2 B U.

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Well the other reason most people don’t think they qualify is Healthcare.gov. The web site is misleading. It’s not until you complete the process that you find you may also qualify for a group subsidy, on top of the regular price of insurance. The initial impression is that you are going to have to pay several hundred dollars more than what it may actually be.

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Simplicity makes policies that work, complexity helps kill them. This point is well understood by Republicans, who continually look to add innocuous-sounding administrative hurdles like Medicare means-testing or photo-id voting requirements. Social Security is a perfect example of a simple program that may soon be sabotaged with weird underfunded administrative requirements, offered by clueless Dems as part of a “compromise” to avoid overt benefit cuts. Asset testing would be a great way to throw sand in the gears.


yes,yes, yes. a couple of notes:
when you are initially ‘disqualified’ from the federal marketplace you are kind of dropped into a black hole. even if you have a state with expanded medicaid, the STATE application can be confusing and without support. i am pretty adept at computer applications, but was still misdirected, confused and bewildered…and found myself also rejected by my state system, until a few months later when they mysteriously accepted me.
Evidently the STATE system did not get it together til April, and in the meantime went through a process of reviewing and rejecting all applications, then reviewing them again and accepting them, with nothing but abrupt form letters as communication. Even the state employees, IF you could find one, did not understand what was happening.
i had filed a federal appeal when i was first rejected by both fed and state. That appeal languished for 9 months before it was reviewed by ACA.
Definitely advise people to seek out a navigator, but in many rural towns, navigators do not exist.
Try to find one who also deals with state medicaid systems. I finally found a navigator who dealt with the state who was able to get behind the state ‘public access’ curtain, and enter numbers the public access portal would simply not allow me to enter.
the telephone customer service people hired by the ACA are helpful, but not always as resourceful or informed as they should be, especially when it comes to self employed people and people with irregular incomes. it becomes quickly obvious their knowledge is limited primarily to ‘regular situations’. some are better then others.
i can imagine that in states which have refused to expand medicaid, the information blackout is a nightmare. and once your self submitted federal marketplace is rejected , it can be difficult to get more than a rote, scripted answer from the front line of telephone advisors.
if you get a telelphone representative that seems to be a dud, try again til you get a good one.
i do think this year must be much better, but people who got rejected last year could understandably be working on incorrect information.
i have to wonder why individuals and medical personnel in states that did not expand medicaid are not out on the streets, protesting their governors and legislators, EN MASSE.
do they not understand how their state governments are strangling them, out of sheer meanness, by refusing to expand medicaid?


The broadcast media used to take their public service obligation seriously. They were granted a license to the airwaves and in return, they were obligated to make a certain number of hours of airtime available for public service announcements. News organizations were generally loss leaders, because reporting the news was an essential public service. The ACA - what it is and how to get help signing up - would definitely be major topics for public service announcements.

Now we have profit-driven happy-talk pretty news readers who strive for the most inane, controversial, dumbed-down version of gossip imaginable. And that’s the “news.” The opinion shows are even worse. Execrable and unwatchable.

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Easy Question, tough answer.

A first step is to get the money out of the political process. 100% public financing of Federal and statewide elections. Term Limits… No special insurance programs or pensions for elected officials, especially post service.

Get back to government BY the PEOPLE, not by Big Corporations and the .1%…

Obviously this is a very simplistic answer to a simplistic question. This will take many years and an awakening of the general public. We ALL need to participate in our society.

It is so unfortunate that people have to go through all this red tape and incorrect information. This process would be so simple if we expanded Medicare to everyone and, for the time being, let the Insurance Companies fight over the supplemental coverages… Should be easy…

Why is a felon able to even run for office??