Discussion: White Nationalist Group Hosts Kris Kobach At Annual Conference

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No, Kris, the White Party’s in Thailand this year…

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This bullshit is in the process of being normalized. I saw where a committee of the Pennsylvania state legislature had a notorious white nationalist speak about an English-only law they were contemplating. I wrote to my Republican state rep about it; no response. Disgusting. These are the kind of cockroaches you get in the house when people vote Republican these days.


Memorable Kobach speech quote:

“Ich bin ein white Berliner”


I guess this is what’s the matter with Kansas.

The most surprising thing to me about having a black guy in the White House is that instead of driving the racists further into the shadows, it’s brought them more into the open, as if racism were more acceptable now. WTF


Kobach: I am very concerned about the upcoming White Minority. Sooner we tackle it by blocking the colored to vote, the better. I am sure the current colored minority empathizes with me. They know its tough.

If I work hard, Aryans will be united in America. I am the White MLK.


Well they did elect Brownback twice


As revolting as it is, I do appreciate that the GOP is no longer quietly blowing the dog whistle and hoping no one will notice. I’m glad they’re coming out of their hoods and shadows and revealing themselves as the people we always knew them to be. With apologies to James Brown…Say it loud, I’m a bigot and I’m proud!

Also, I’m very much looking forward to Thursday when Anonymous will drop the names of over 1,000 KKK members and sympathizers. I just hope the media runs with it.


I’m kind of relieved in a way, it should see the light of day. I was ignorant of some of the worst abuses and was unaware of some really ugly viewpoints held by people that used to know enough to keep that stuff to themselves.

I’m glad that I can cull them from my life and that a younger generation can see that things have to change…that racism isn’t dead.


Yeah, well, Anonymous is about to rip down the dry wall to expose their nests. I sure as fuck hope it’s as glorious as I want it to be.


I guess it’s kind of like when you’re getting your prescription for corrective lenses updated and they make a change and ask if it’s better, worse, or about the same. Electing a black President was all three, I’d say.


Agreed. That’s what I thought too. What happened instead is racists could now cloak their racism in politics. They can argue that their criticisms are not based on the color of his skin, but his policies and ideology. Even when the behavior is pretty blatantly racist they simply turn around and claim reverse racism and/or they’re being attacked by the liberal media.


Racism must always be vigorously fought against. In any setting, no matter how it is couched.

One of the analysts on Chris Hayes’ show last night stated that the Republican Party is attractive to people resistant to social and demographic trends which are disturbing to them.

But the trends will continue apace, Kobach, FOX, Talk Radio or not.

It’s too far along.


Poor Kobach. He must be very conflicted before he leaves his house.

"Which uniform should I wear, the white one or the black one? The white linen one is definitely cooler on hot days. But the black one has all the snazzy insignias. Decisions, decisions.

"Aw, screw it. Guess I'll wear the grey one again."

If you’re a minority in Kansas, you must wonder if you can get justice or if you’re seen as equal under the law when the SOS is pulling this nonsense.


The people of Kansas keep voting for this stuff, so it must be what they want, what they like. I’m white and I wouldn’t set foot in the place.

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Internetting links people with similar racist inclinations into larger communitys which reinforces the acceptable normality of what draws them together. Many then express their opinions via social media to millions outside the original “community circle” and encounter minor-if-any public criticism and no legal penaltys for such expressions. Commercial hate media and public figures also openly espouse the same viewpoints (but perhaps in more polite language). Openly expressed racism is more acceptable now, and without a media “fairness” doctrine, the situation is aided and abetted.


So they called to make sure someone was there. You might want to lock your door, TPM.

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Fascists stick together.
What else is new?

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He is a white cream-filled pastry?

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